Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weather Against Me

Durn Than Blizzard/Ice Storm

Was supposed to leave to go to Cleveland today, had to redo my appointment, cancel my reservations. Way too bad to drive today.

I tried my best to be able to go, but this AM there was a semi wreck on I-44 blocking the interstate for two hours. I waited for this to be cleared, then another semi jack knifed about 50 miles to the east of the other accident blocking the interstate. I gave up. The weather in Cleveland was clear and their roads were in "great shape" but the between from my place and the 13 hours it takes to get to Cleveland was pretty well impassable.

I'm disappointed. I took yesterday off from work to get medical records together and get my driver's license replaced (I've lost it somewhere) and today was a total loss. I'm gonna try to work tomorrow if The Headache will let me.

The Headache is ever present and wanted to flair up with all the activity of getting my car defrosted and packing. I've not been able to eat very much today and The Belly has been talking to me - I'm not sure if it approves of the fasting or not - eating hurts as much or more than not eating! I've been sleeping off and on all afternoon and evening from the benedryl/phenergan combination, trying to keep The Headache at bay.
I'm getting very worn out and am not sure if I can muster the energy to make it to Cleveland next week. Here's hoping for a better week next week!


  1. that stinks emmy. I wish I could take time off and go with you. Unfortunately I have several classes that drop you a full letter grade after 3 missed days, and I used one yesterday with the stomach virus. I hate it that you have to drive there all by yourself! Hope the headache leaves you alone today and you can rest some, and maybe eat something too!

  2. Oh - maybe someone will go with me next week. The headache never leaves me alone. I'm just bumming but actually glad I'm not out there in blizzard territory!

    Your college is important - my headache appointment is not - I could try and find someone closer to home (there is one doc in St. Louis who does these infrequently)