Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad Headache days 4 & 5 2009

No Doctors Only Voice Mail Hell

Yesterday and today have been bad. Headache pain yesterday not extreme but bad enough on the Emily Richter Scale of Headaches. Vomiting again, stomach pain again, not good. Today headache pain in the midrange, but stomach pain elevating and now have mouth ulcers on my lips. Not sure if its from vomiting up pancreatic enzymes yesterday or the indomethacin - at this point does it matter???

I have not found one doctor who does the occipital nerve stimulator implants, and all I get is voice mail at my headache specialist. Never confirmation that it has been received. I called today and insisted on talking to a person. Even with this got sent to voicemail 2x, hung up on deliberately 1x, and only after asking to speak to the office manager was I directed to a person. Nicole (who I did NOT leave the voice mail message with - it was jeanine) stated that she had sent an email to Dr. B*****l who was practicing at Children's Mercy on Thursday and Friday, but Dr. B****l had not returned her email. My prior experience with voice mail at this practice has not been good - one time it took three weeks and multiple calls to get a simple question answered, and the last time they said they would send off for my medical records which they never did and I got no answer in four weeks. I am out of patience.

This doctor should be the one trying to round up someone not me. She is the one who will have to do the referral. I think she knew already that there was no one. I did find there is a Dr. Dodick at Mayo's in Scotsdale who is doing a study on occipital nerve stimulators, but that my doctor will need to talk to him to see if I qualify. My luck is I won't qualify. If I get a regular appointment I have been told it may be a year before I get one. AUGHHHH!

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