Saturday, January 24, 2009

Headache Day #8 2009 Lost in Sleep

Sleeping the Day Away

Bad day yesterday, worse day today....woke up with very bad pain several times in the night, still bad this morning, so did the phenergan/benedryl combo my KC doc recommended to put myself out.

Have slept most of the day and am feeling a bit dehydrated. So far today have taken 75 mg of phenergan, 75 mg of benedryl, and 50 mg of tramadol (this last for The Belly pain from lunch) along with my indomethacin. The Headache is better than this AM (I woke up at the pacing and "Oh God" phase with dry heaves) but very painful yet. I am waiting a bit, but will take another 25 mg phenergan and 25 mg benedryl and try to sleep more.

Unfortunately if my problems continue according to schedule, Wednesday and Thursday of next week I will be at my worst - all the way in Cleveland, and no way to just knock myself out. I dread the trip, and am prepared for disappointment. Cancer didn't whoop me but I'm thinking this headache has me down for the count.

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