Saturday, December 4, 2010

400th Post - Woo Hoo!!!

Am I Blabby or What?

I've managed to output 400 posts in about 700 days, with over 11,000 views from 3,200 different computer addresses.  Whew!  What a mouthful of statistics!  I am sure 10,000 of the 11,000 views were me double checking my terrible spelling.

My most searched phrases?? 
1. Headache - no surprise there
2. Bilious Emesis - surprising to me that this has world wide appeal
3. Scintillating Scotoma - this is popular especially in Europe

The post seen by the most disparate places in the globe?
Mouse Hunt from December 2009 - showing that there are mice infestations EVERYWHERE!

Probably the most incorrectly interpreted keyword on my blog:
BLING - I don't think the search engines are looking for a cane when grabbing onto my URL.

The weirdest keyword combo the web crawlers have grabbed:
Hephaestus god of fire - from my oh so classical poooehem from last spring

I did a workup of my post labels to see what I have been writing about for the last couple of years.  Being an  analytical type of nerd I drew up a little pie chart of my research for your perusement.

The majority of my complaining seems to be about The Headache.  Griping about anything in a general way seems to be the next big category. Next on the list is The Belly and all its moaning and groaning. Writing about silly things seems to tie for frequency with complaining about The Legs and all of  my medications. Work comes in close, with The Hives and my various complaints and complements about doctors coming in last.

I found several different doctors listed under their various pseudonyms:

Dr's. Dunce (1, 2, & 3)
Doc Optimist
Dr. Hawkeye
Dr. Sassypants
Dr. Gnome
Dr. Bellyfixer
Dr. Calm
Dr. Dense
Dr. Hannibal Smith (and the A-Team)
Dr. Jock Biodude
Dr. Welby

I also have mentioned Dr. Nagy Mekhail of the Cleveland Clinic, who does not need a pseudonym: he is the wonderful pain management doctor that installed my occipital stimulator.

Of them all, Dr. Gnome is the one that makes me laugh when I think of him.  If I ever met him when I was not drugged or sedated I probably would be greatly disappointed as his shiny gnomish blond curl on his forehead was probably a figment of my imagination, and he probably is a tad bit over three feet tall.  Sigh.  But his cheeks were so appley red, and..and....I just need to get over it - he REALLY isn't a gnome.  Sigh again.

Trying to get myself back in my old positive mood.  This fall has taken its toll on my body and my mood.  Just tired, I think, and The Belly is throwing a fit this evening just when I thought it was safe to ignore it.  I am surprised I have had enough to say and write about to make it to 400 posts.  I am sure there is a lot of repetition because in my life there is a lot of repetition.  Was that phrase repetitiously redundant?  I think I am too tired to care!  I have met a lot of interesting and wonderful people in the last two years doing this, and love my "virtual" community.  I hope to remain an active citizen in this community for at least a little while longer!

PS:  Just a side note, but really REALLY are there THAT many people out there in the world interested in bilious EMESIS???

PPS:  Just thought after rereading this (see what I mean about 10,000 of the 11,000 hits were my own??) that I should explain that on my pie chart WORK is not really a complaint category - it is sorta like the silliness category, although I suspect there are some complaints about hotel rooms and bugs thrown in there.


  1. Congrats! That's a really exciting milestone. Here's to many many more!

  2. Thanks Migrainista. Hope you are feeling better today!

  3. Wooo-hoooo!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS of reaching a milestone!

    Blessings and safe hugs to you dear!

  4. Thanks JBR. Hoping you have a pleasant no-headache and non-confrontational week ahead!

  5. Congratulations on reaching this true milestone! It's nice to have a place to write everything out and be able to reference it later. I like it here because I am always learning something new. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks MP! I LOVE numbers, but The Headache doesn't agree, so it took a little bit of work to organize my "stats".

    Wondering still why the interest in "bilious emesis" example of what numbers WON'T tell you! It's a mystery!

  7. Yay! Congratulations on 400 posts!

  8. Congratulations! I love the pie graph ;-) I hope you're able to celebrate headache free!

  9. Emily: Thanks! Hoping to make it to 500 one of these days...

    Heather: The Headache is a bit touchy but the weather is changing so it doesn't like that. I just couldn't resist pie charting my gripes!!