Friday, December 17, 2010

Neuropathic Pain

Hopping Legs & Hives??

I have gotten through the week without any pain meds or muscle relaxers so far. Each day I drive into work the leg pain increases.  Today I carried a few trays of veggies and fruit for the office Christmas party from my car into the office, and then took a couple of the empty (but heavy) trays back home tonight.  I don't know if I am just having trouble tonight because it is cumulative pain, or the weight of the tray (which might have been between five and ten pounds heavy) was enough extra to push me over the edge.

Last night I spent the night tossing and turning with my legs cramping and pulling.  I had nightmares about trying to climb stairs or deciding to take an elevator, and then sitting in a doctor's waiting room swinging my legs while I sit in office chairs too high off the floor for me.

I have jiggling, cramping, burning, tinging, numb, and malfunctioning legs tonight.  As the pain increases my nausea has been increasing also. The bottoms of my feet and the arches are cramping and on fire.  I feel like hot needles about six inches long are being stuck in my heels.

It's now almost 1 AM and I have been trying to outlast this since about 9:30 PM.  I think I am going to have to break into my medication.  I have had only a few hours sleep since Saturday because of the pain.  My PCP says not sleeping makes the pain worse, so I am sure that is a contributing factor.  

My knees for some reason are burning and itching too, they actually feel hot to the touch, as do the palms of my hands.  Sometimes I feel this way before I start getting hives or angioedema.  But I have been a good girl all day, and have not eaten any mammalian meats even though I was sorely tempted by something called "Settler's Beans" a gentleman at work brings every year.  It has ground beef and bacon in it so I resisted, but it was very hard to do.

I can feel hives popping out on my face so I guess I must be having an allergic reaction or mast cell degranulation.  Sometimes if I let pain get out of control I will just start hiving all over.  I think my body just doesn't like pain very much.  I think it just needs to get used to the new "normal" and move on!!!  No more drama!!!  According to what I have read about mast cell activation disorders trauma can start mast cell degranulation.  Just what I don't need tonight.

On the plus side I finished a programming task for a client today even with my brain full of cobwebs.  I felt like I actually accomplished something!  Just trying to make it until tomorrow.

I'm not feeling too well right now, as my face is starting to swell up a bit.  Maybe that is why I am having nausea and stomach pain.  Going to medicate with antihistamines as I am feeling more than a little light headed.  Just what I don't need right now. Hrmph!


  1. Oh I do wish you could sleep. I feel guilty because it seems to be all I do right now. If you don't have to work over the holidays are there any meds they can give to help with that?I'm sure we've talked about this I'm just foggy on pain meds.

  2. Finally took oxycontin and soma and have slept for about four hours. Yeah!!! The hives are worse proably due to the oxycontin, and the pain is still there, just not hurt to the core awful. I was trying to get through five days of work, but didn't make it. Will probably stay home today...

    So glad your headache and occipital pain is responding to the stimulator!!!! What a nice Christmas present!

  3. Oh Winny, all this pain, no sleep - I hope you have better days ahead.

  4. Migrainista:

    Slept a little last night. I have problems with my pain killers - make the hives worse, and yesterday made The Headache worse. Put one pain to bed wake up another two. Big Sigh. Hurting today but not taking pain meds if I can help it. Darn it all! And Dr. Kildare has been of no help whatsoever, his nurse told me to talk to my PCP and I told her this is why he sent me to you...typical for this practice. I'll give them two more weeks and then I'm moving on.