Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ERCP Gnomes

Yet Another Specialist

Before The Headache, I had problems with pancreatitis. The problems started in 2006, got worse in 2007 and then I had a pancreatic and billiary sphincterotomy for papillary stenosis (Sphinter of Oddi Dysfunction Type I) done by ERCP in November 2007. I came out of that procedure with The Headache, but the pancreatitis seemed to resolve itself.

I was hospitalized this month for acute pancreatitis, and now am told I need to see the ERCP specialist again. This is my third bad flare up of pancreatitis in less than a year, and my second hospitalization, so I guess something needs to be done, but I'm not looking forward to another procedure. I was hoping the pancreas would calm down after I quit taking the indomethacin and the toradol, but no such luck. I'm not sure what can be done at this point. When I had the sphincterotomy I was told that 100% of these would need to be redone at some point. Just wondering if I have gotten to that point....

The ERCP specialist (nickname Dr. Gnome) is very well-respected and skilled. From the demerol drugged memories I have of him from 2007 he looked like a little yard gnome - apple cheeked, happy, with a cute little curl on his forhead. I was sitting way up in the air on a flouroscope table so he is also foreshortened in my memory, making him yard gnomishly small. He had a surgical hat on, not a big red pointy hat, which was a disapointment. I sure hope I didn't tell him how cute he was, but knowing me and demerol I'll bet I did! My brother told me that Dr. Gnome was not short at all, but I just can't get that image of him standing there in his fluoroscope apron with his tidy surgical garb on looking like he was about three feet tall, out of my head. He was soooooo cute!

Dr. Gnome's office is supposed to call my gastroenterologist's office to get this scheduled. The last time I went to see Dr. Gnome I thought it was just a consultation but nope, the next day I had the ERCP and pancreatic manometry and the sphincterotomy done. I wasn't prepared for that, but this time I am going to ask more questions about the appointment.

I'm not as down this week as last, have just a little more energy and not quite as exhausted. Wasn't able to work yesterday, but worked today, and hope to work a full day tomorrow and the rest of the week. I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The Headache is behaving itself so far this week, with every day having some painful jabbing spikes of pain, but overall pain levels are way way way down. Wishing I could say the same for The Belly.

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