Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dejavu All Over Again

Still Sick Still Hurting Still at Home

I tried to go off the pain medication last night/this morning, but got very shakey with burning terrible pelvic pain and leg pain.  Vomiting also, with a great deal of nausea. Hoping that I have not gotten a physical dependence on this already, as I have not been taking it steadily, everyday, or on schedule.  The nausea stayed with me even after taking a dose of medication this morning, but the pelvic pain did decrease to the point I could actually think of something besides the pain.

Went to my PCP this morning to do a urinalysis since I can't tell if I have a urinary tract infection or not.  Nope, no infection.  Was hoping this was the cause of the terrible pain and nausea and vomiting.  I fear that The Belly is acting up and my pancreas is trying to get into the act again.  Not good.  Can't win for losing with pain pills.  I should take one every 12 hours but have only been taking one a day when I absolutely cannot stand the pain any longer so haven't been taking one every day.  Have been taking nausea medication but have been thowing that up too.  sigh.

Talked with my boss today about my ongoing pain issues since I am not sure when this will relent.  The Legs are being very stubbon this time.  It's like they are flat tires and I am afraid they won't reinflate and work again and I'm having to go around on that tiny little spare tire you can only drive so fast on.  My boss was so nice and understanding and I feel so sad that I can't make my legs go and whip into work and get things done.  Hoping that I will snap back out of this and the pain will be manageable again soon.

I feel this fall like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray - the same day keeps playing over and over again and I don't seem to be getting the process down pat so I can escape.  Oh well, at least I like Sonny and Cher!


  1. Hey it's a positive to feel like your doing the same thing over and over. I'm in a whiny negative funk where each day is worse than the last :)
    Vomiting is not fun. I actually can't do it spontaneously anymore so now I feel like a real freak when I have to do it. I hope they find out what's going on with that for you. Learning to love your pain meds may be the answer but that's such a tricky relationship.
    I suggest you go tell Santa you need some replacement parts for Christmas :)
    Feel better!

  2. Winny I am sorry that you had such an adverse effect from not taking the meds! So glad you do not have an infection as well! I love Sonny and Cher as well..... my favorite song of theirs! Blessings and feel better hugs to you dear.

  3. Kristin: I'll get Santa working on that list. I am glad I'm not getting worse, but feel like it would not be possible at this point to feel worse (that's just the pukey me thinking).

    I'm thinking of writing a travel book - places I have puked....sigh!

    JBR: With me, apparently I get the same adverse effect for different reasons whether taking or not taking the meds. At least I can listen to S&C!