Monday, December 13, 2010

Nuclear Winny

Wasted Effort

Saw young Dr. Kildare and his NP today. His NP was very nice (I'll call him Nurse Goodguy) but young Dr. Kildare was a bust. What I expected at that practice so I was not surprised, but I am truly peeved at the total waste of my time.

I had a long spiel written about Dr. Kildare's attitude, but you know what?  I've wasted enough negative energy on him today.  Let's just say I am back to square one.  Going for blood tests tomorrow to make sure I don't have a copper deficiency or vitamin E deficiency, which with my digestive problem could be possible. I did have the expectation that Dr. Kildare would have reviewed my very extensive medical records BEFORE my appointment instead of telling me to be patient and give him time to study my records before my next appointment in MARCH 2011

On the upside, I did put in a little quality time at work, training the new guy on some support issues.  I feel really bad because I have not been able to work with him as much as I would have liked to.  I finished up one job for a client going through the steps with him, but said next month (God willing and the creek don't rise) I will be there and he will do the same monthly process and I will watch and answer questions.  He is willing to dive in, but his experience is just not as varied as mine so there is still a bit of a learning curve.  His attitude is great, and he is very nicely documenting everything and trying to flow chart processes.  His frustration is that circumstances for software support and how to do the support is as varied as the human mind can create mistakes.  There is no one correct way to fix an error, because there is no one way to create an error, or is an error when created the same way always the same error. Sigh. 

I am trying to get him as trained as possible because I am not sure what the future holds.  I was hoping for some sort of plan or finality today with Dr. Kildare but instead just ended up with more question marks. I have had at least five years of question marks, and I am sick of it.  Today just driving caused problems.  I am pain medication free and muscle relaxant free so far this week.  Not sure if I am going to stay that way but that is what I am aiming for.

I am working some tonight from home because I don't think I will be sleeping much anyway.  Maybe Dr. Kildare will be brilliant and at least will be able to tell me what the future holds sometime in March 2011.  Probably not.


  1. Excuse me? Where was I when they were giving out the jobs where you could either be incompetent or rude and still make LOTS of money. (Probably home sick with a headache, right!)Honestly why have the appt. if he's not going to have your records read. Grrr! Have a happy Tuesday. I'll catch you on Wednesday I'm sure.

  2. Kristin: We forgot to take the advanced arrogance courses in school, those are the ones the money makers take!!!! Thinking of ya and your soon to be better head tomorrow, will be watching for updates but won't figure on seeing one until you are feeling much better!!!