Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mouse Hunt

Howling at the Moon

I have a mouse in my house. My Wilsy cat has been gone a few weeks, and already the mouse invasion has started. I don't sleep much these days because I hurt quite a bit, and the rest of the night I have been sleeping with my light on because of THE MOUSE. I feel like a predator just laying in wait for the mouse to show himself so I can sock him with a shoe and pop him outside.

Before I go to bed I say outloud to Mr. Mouse: Please don't hop up and run over me in the night... I'm not sure if he hears me, but he's somewhere around. I hear him in the wee hours making a sort of indeterminate scratching sound that I can't get a direction from hearing it to find out his hiding place. Probably knows I'm lurking out there like a wolf in human clothing with a boot ready to smack him flat.

I saw Mr. Mouse today - a brown mouse that hopped from a hiding place so quick I couldn't track where he went. I hate to trap the little fat fellow, but I don't want filthy mouse leavings in my house either. I feel like scrubbing every item in every drawer and every surface the mouse could have possibly touched.

I'm not afraid of mouseys, just don't like the way they hop about and run - very startling. I'm thinking of borrowing my brothers big yellow cat for a day or two to see if he can drive the mousey away. My brother put out a couple of glue traps to see if he can catch the crafty critter. He is a mighty mouse hunter kind of like Christopher Walken in the Mouse Hunt Movie.

At least the mouse is distracting me from The Belly. I got a good loud screetch out today when Mr. Mouse leaped out and hopped about a bit. I can still remember my grandmother jumping up in a chair because of a mouse. I never knew she was so nimble and could move that fast! I must take after her - mouse motivational movement.

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