Friday, December 3, 2010

Screaming Inside

End of a Bad Week

Not a great week this week.  Glad to be rid of it and moving on to next week. The Legs and The Belly and The Headache and The Hives have all decided to descend on me this week.   I have been medicating more than I like to, and since I impulsively deleted data during my last hiatus in medicated Hell I did not try to work at all this week.  Not happy at all!

I am having difficulty sitting still this evening between all my oooboos and my hives.  Doing the dance of pain while trying to avoid scratching too much.  I fear it is my pain medication which is making the scratching and the hiving increase.  Just ready to sit here and scream, but I am practicing serenity and calmness so I am just screaming silently.

Everywhere my clothing touches my body, every bend and joint and wrinkle, is scratchy itchy burning lumpy misery.  I've been worse but it still is not pleasant.  My pain is less because I am medicated, but it doesn't do much good if I replace the pain with jumping nerve wracking hives.  Worried because I am almost out of pain medication options and since this reaction seems to be increasing with each dose of pain medication I have taken I fear this med is going to be off my list of remedies permanently.

I'm going to take a second dose of prednisone to see if it helps this evening.  It may be why the jitters are worse, since prednisone makes me a worse insomniac than I am already.  Oh what a tangled web of chemicals I have woven for myself.  Argh!
I woke up grumpy and itchy and in pain.  Not my usual cheerful self.   Need to do an attitude adjustment tonight in my sleep and slough off all my negativity and get back to my sunshiney normal disposition.  But even the bottoms of my feet itch so I'm definitely whiney.  On the upside my Mom is getting back to her normal grumpy self which makes my heart happy. 

If Mom has the energy to gripe then she is feeling much better!  I told her we are going to both be old grumpy seniors that sit around and complain about all the young whippersnappers and their strange disrepectful ways.  That generally elicits a laugh from Mom!  We worked on a crossword puzzle together this evening, and Mom was better at it than me.  I'm going to blame my lack of performance on my medication, but really my 80 year old Mom is fantastic at crosswords!  Hope I am that sharp if I make it to 80.

I'm going to go and slather my lumps in something to reduce the itching and go to bed. 


  1. Winny I am so very sorry all your body parts deciding to attack you all at once.

    "I told her we are going to both be old grumpy seniors that sit around and complain about all the young whippersnappers and their strange disrepectful ways."

    I love it!!!


  2. JBR: Getting my rocking chair all dusted off and ready to rock with Mom! Main problem being we don't HAVE any young whippersnappers that live very close except the Amish behind us, and there is just no way I can say they are disrepectful. Their kids are just plain cute!

    I think my body parts conspire at night while I sleep. No wonder I don't get much rest! :)

  3. Oh no! It's never good when they start to conspire - especially when you are trying to sleep.

    I hope you get some rest this weekend!

  4. Migrainista: Just wish I could quell the rebellion in someway, but I ceased to be in control of this body about 10 years ago.

    I think that's it - I need a universal remote control!!!! Now to search on Ebay before the body gets wind of my new thought! :)