Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad Headache No. 6 2010

Did I Eat Mammalian Meat??

Pain everywhere this evening.  I almost cannot sort it out.  The Headache has decided to crank up the amps tonight.  Debating - should I go to the ER?  Still hoping that I can stop this runaway train before it goes off the tracks.

My facial pain is going full blast, The Headache has taken over control of my brain, and I can't think.  I'm doing the stomp of pain with my right foot trying to ride the wave until it quits.  I have changed stimulator settings three times this evening, and think that I have delayed the worst of the pain, just not sure it is stopping The Headache well enough to avoid having to be knocked out.

The Belly is cramping painfully and I am wondering if I am having another allergic reaction like I did in late October.  I ate some stir fry this evening.  I thought the protein was chicken.  Thinking now it must have been pork.  I just ate two little tiny pieces but of course the entire stir fry had touched the protein.  I didn't think to ask my brother, who cooked it up, what the protein was.  Cautious in a restaurant, careless at home.

The stomach spasms are nauseating in addition to painful.  I have upchucked my half cup of rice, vegetables and probably pork.  I can tell I am now past the point where I can hold down liquids, pills or food.  It would be a waste to take my rescue medication because it would come right back up.  I have taken 100 mg of benedryl today, 50 mg of atarax, and 100 mg of phenergan, yet the pain persists and I can't keep anything down.

The Legs and the pelvic pain are not any better.  At least I know the pain medication I was taking is not causing the nausea nor the stomach pain.

When I have pancreatitis attacks sometimes I smell a certain smell.  It's sorta metallic sorta sickening, and I'm smelling it tonight.   I smelled it all during my first pancreatitis attack, and I thought at first it was the hospital - now I know its just me and my electrolytes.  Maybe the belly pain is just because I tried to eat something, not an allergic reaction?  Not sure since I have so many antihistimines in my body right now, just took 50 mg of benedryl and 25 mg of phenergan about 2 hours ago so I can't tell if I'm trying to go anaphylactic.  The belly pain did start approximate 4 hours after eating which is very similar to the problem I had in October.

Going to put my heating pad back on, and then try ice packs.  Everyone here at home is asleep.  If I have to go to the ER I will have to wake someone up.  I hate to have to do that.  This won't be the first time or the last time I sit up nursing The Headache.  I certainly hope it appreciates me taking care of it!!!

Very disappointed today as I decided I would not be able to attend my niece's wedding in Kansas.  I did make sure her gift should be delivered hopefully by Friday since my Mom and I could not make it.  Thank heaven for overnight shipping!


  1. My dear Winny. Your pictures of yourself are so painful looking. I can just imagine what you are physically going through. (((((Winny)))))

  2. I would be out cold with all that Benedryl & Phenergan! Too bad that's not the case for least you'd have rest. =(

  3. JBR: Better this morning. My old body just doesn't want to go anymore this week. sigh.


    The benedryl and phenergan combo is SUPPOSED to knock you out. Unfortunately at that dosage it barely controlled my allergic reaction (yes it WAS pork - about a tablespoon full) AND it makes me have uncontrolled movement, a benedryl side effect when I go above 50 mg in a day. BUT I did manage to stay out of the ER! TRIUMPH!

  4. Glad to hear no ER! Sorry you feel so rotten though. Those darn brothers!
    Hey thanks for some inspiration. I'm going to lay off the Pamine. It may mean some extra bathroom trips but I'm already there a lot so no biggie. I'm going to see if that's messing with my head. never thought of that until you said something that it bothers you.
    I hope you find some relief over the next few days. You deserve to catch a break!
    Take care :)

  5. Kristin: Glad my brother took the intiative to cook so I didn't have to; just didn't think to verify WHAT he cooked!!

    All you can do with the Pamine is see if it helps to cut back. My stupid headache acts up for odd reasons. I can tolerate Pamine for a couple of days in a row. Good luck!!! At least you are at home where you don't have to worry about a classroom of kids if you have to run for the bathroom!!!

    Everything is better this morning, it's like the sun comes up and it is a new day!!! Staying home the rest of the week, supposedly have a neuro appointment next week.

  6. Glad things sound a little more positive. Sometimes we fight taking a break but it's really what the body needs

  7. Oh no! I hope today is better.

  8. Sue: Today IS better. I've been on a roll downwards. Ready to start trudging uphill again soon!!! surely I am at sea level by now!