Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Headache Blog Carnival Now Published

This month Diana Lee had assistance with her monthly Headache Blog Carnival, with Teri Robert hosting at Healthcentral.  The theme this month was Migraines in Literature, which was a pretty tough subject to write about.  A very interesting post about Harry Potter and headaches, and as always great miscellaneous posts dealing with headache disorders.

Also Healthcentral has published the results of the 2010 Putting Our Heads Together Poetry contest.  Some very thought provoking works! One of the Honorable Mentions was  Migraine Medication Change written by Migraine Puppet, whose writings have inspired me over the months!  Anyone who has changed meds to no avail will understand the longing expressed in this poem.

I even entered a poem of my own, the first I had written in probably thirty years.  It wasn't bad for someone as rusty as myself at writing anything but prose, and generally business writing at that!  Stretched my mind a little bit and expanded my horizons, but it was very difficult work for me.  I think I probably should practice more at poetry, but not sure if I have the right amount of connectivity to the right side (creative side) of my brain.  Maybe I could get rewired?? 

Here's my little poem below with references because for whatever odd reason I went all Greek pantheon with this....

Hemicrania Continues.... 
Spawn of Hephaestus
Burning ganglion eruption
Burrowing deep to forge another
Twisting turning barb wired spear for
Promethean sport.

The Algea dance maypole madness
Winding hypothalamic strands
Of cascading neuronal darkness
Straightjacket tight
Extinguishing all thought.

Achelois attends blessed by Lethe
Needle driven tonics flow
Down the Phlegethon torrent;
Saved once more from Tartarus
Deimos weeps.

The key to the terms:
Hephaestus: God of Fire and Metalworking
Prometheus: God of Forethought, Stole fire from Hephaestus and was tortured for it
Algea: Spirits of suffering, pain, tears, and distress
Achelois: Moon goddess of Pain Relief
Lethe:  The spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion
Phlegethon:  The underworld river of fire and pain
Tartarus: Hell, the place of ultimate punishment
Deimos: God of dread and fear

Did I get metaphysical or what??  Pretty bad when you need a scorecard to keep track of the deities.  Makes me laugh!! I had a good time doing it, and that's what counts!!! Thank you Migraine Puppet for inspiring me to try!


  1. WNPP thank you for this post. Will have to take time to look it over thourghly. Blessings and I continue to pray for relief for you.

  2. Take care JBR!!! Thank you for your prayers!

  3. Winny - Thank you for all of the kind words. I am truly touched. To be honest, you have been a big source of my strength this past year. I loved your poem (and scorecard!) too. I can definitely see your reflection in the poem.

  4. Love reading your blog MP! Without your inspiration I wouldn't have tried to experiment with poetry.

    I laughed so hard after I finished mine, because I personally needed the scorecard to remember who all those folks were. See what ya get for being up at 2 AM fooling around with poetry!!! It's DANGEROUS!!!