Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bad Headache Day 37 2009

And after such a great week...sigh

The Headache is working its way towards an extremely bad time for tonight. I am going to try to medicate in a few minutes to see if I can head it off at the pass. Since I am taking NO daily headache medication at this time, I suppose one bad day a month is almost acceptable.

I did eat some fresh peaches from a local orchard, which are no nos on the low histamine diet. Could I have woken The Headache up from its nap? I haven't been able to eliminate the tea yet either, but have done pretty well on everything else...but the peaches. Come to think of it The Hives were going great guns last night too. Hmmmm.

I have been very active this week, and did a lot of things on Saturday (yesterday) that I haven't been doing for almost a couple of years - went shopping in the big city, and ate out - then came home, and sewed on my curtain project until about midnight. The Belly was acting up - it didn't like me to eat out I think - and The Headache decided to make its old 3 AM turn for the worse. Nightmares last night about sledgehammers hitting cantalopes. Splitting headache? Gallagher fixation? Who knows!

I have had the occipital stimulator at the same setting for several days, so I changed up and switched programs and cranked up the voltage. Doesn't seem to be working its Mojo on The Headache so well today. I'm pretty sure The Headache would be a lot worse if I didn't have The stimulator on stun. I think I can head this off without an ER visit which means it's been quite a while - in fact since June - since I've had to go to the ER. Woo Hoo!

Guess I will go take my medication and vegetate for a while. I forced myself to buy groceries and cook the evening meal. I tried to distract myself by blogging earlier in the day. I flipped the settings on my friend the stimulator. Yet The Headache continues to increase.

I'm going to have to find where I lost my Mojo..I was just getting to used to having it again.

Hmmm...Maybe Austin Powers took it.

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