Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tomorrow Tomorrow.....

It's Been One of Those Days!

I was able to work today, but I guess it's Monday on a Tuesday for me! The Headache is still going strong, but was able to work without any medication today which is a plus, since I commute about 40 miles into work. The longer I can go without medicating, the longer I can stay at the office. Hoping that I'm not facing a week of Monday's. {sigh}

On the upside, my lucky bamboo plant seems to be growing taller and has put on new leaves. Maybe I am gaining luck! Oh, if that would be only possible. Perhaps my feng shui is wrong....maybe I should rearrange my space? Another day perhaps!

I read Jasmine's Cove blog entry about the vestibular system and physical therapy. Very interesting! I had not thought of inner ear disturbances causing headache misery. I wonder how many times this diagnosis is missed?

Trying to keep a positive outlook in spite of negative input. The sun will come out tomorrow! Bet my bottom dollar!


  1. Annie! I saw Annie on Broadway when I was a little girl, and after buying the soundtrack I could be heard singing that song a few times a day (driving my neighbors crazy :)

    I'm glad my blog is giving you a little more information regarding a possible reason for your issues. The more I'm learning, the more I'm looking back through the years and realizing why I was less drawn to wanting children than my friends, why I can't stand to be around cackling women, why I'm more of a homebody, why I hate it when people poke me while they talk, why I used to be able to ride on planes and boats with no problem but now I have to wear motion-sickness patch, why I stress when my husband's driving (I can't help but react to break lights many, many car lengths ahead), why I feel terrible when I lay flat on my back, etc. Fascinating stuff!

  2. Lots of similarities. Motion sickness is what really resonated for me. I am going to have to research more. I won't go around crowds if I can avoid them. Too much chaos and noise.

    I was so glad you posted this information!

    Annie brought back some good memories for me too! I used to read the comic strip every day in the newspaper. Sandy was my favorite.