Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spinning Out Kidney Stones

On My Wish List

Wishing for a device that could just spit out my kidney stones, you know: like a giant human gyroscope or one of those paint shakers like they use to mix paints at the hardware store. Still having issues but they are lessening.

A beautiful cool day in August in Missouri. What happened to the global warming problem? We seem to be having the opposite. Downside: I always look forward to August because that means dormant grass - no mowing. The grass is still green and lovely but the mowing continues also.

I am looking forward to a big family reunion for my Mom's family on Labor Day weekend. I will see some relatives I am sure I have never met and meet some relatives I won't recognize, but it will be fun. My Mom came from an extremely large family (14 brothers and sisters) and only she and her younger brother are left from her generation. This is sort of a get together for them. I am glad The Headache is behaving itself because it will be tested I am sure that weekend. I expect there will be approximately 100 people there, and that won't be all of us! Only some of my nieces and nephews can make it, as many live pretty far away.

I am reminded of a post that Migraine Puppet had a month or so ago about a family reunion, and the inability to escape from overstimulation. Hope that mine turns out a little better. There will be nowhere to hide, since the closest I can find a decent hotel room is thirty some miles away. Hopefully I can just turn up my buzzer (occipital stimulator) and drown out The Headache pain if it comes, and most of all hopefully I won't have any pain at all by then! Wouldn't that be great??

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