Thursday, August 13, 2009

Counting Money Dulls Pain Sensation

If only I had any to Count!

I listened to an NPR piece the other day "Your Brain Thinks Money Is a Drug" where a psychological study showed that after counting money people demonstrated reduced sensation of pain. The study said that it had to be "significant" amounts of money, so I don't know if I will be able to try it, unless Monopoly money works.

Have been sick with some sort of stomach flu - did some work from home today,but didn't go in. I went in yesterday, but I thought The Headache was kicking a fit, so went home after an hour. Glad I did - The Headache was worse because I had a fever! Was sick sick sick last night, better today and the fever finally seemed to break this afternoon. At work they said they hoped I hadn't brought the H1N1 virus to them. I hope not. I try to be extremely careful at work because one of my co-worker's sons has very fragile health.

The Hives have taken a life of their own since that doctor punched on my brown spots. I had to medicate this afternoon with doxepin and vistaril, which lowered them just a little bit. They are popping out all over and I am very itchy.

I read a post from Banner at Adventures in Occipital Nerve Stimulation that her stimulator/operation was billed to her insurance at $138,000! OMG! So far my insurance has been billed about $32,000 for both the trial and the surgery/implant. That means my participation in the study so far stands at about $100,000 worth of free equipment/charges. I didn't get one of the nifty rechargeable battery units like Banner, so maybe it might be a smidgen under the $100,000 mark. However, I should count in a lifetime of battery replacements which I suspect would add quite a bit to the overall worth! Maybe I should quit complaining about how much I have been shelling out for travel.

Some of my Canadian friends have been blogging about the United Church of Canada conference. Everyone there looks like they are having a great time. After reading about the Church on Wikipedia they seem to be the Northern equivalent of the American United Methodists, including the Canadian branch of the church I attended as a child - United Brethren Evangelical. They don't seem to be nearly as solemn as the German Methodists I grew up with. I wonder if the cold weather makes people more jolly?? If so, perhaps I should be planning to retire to Canada! At least they already have nationalized health care.


  1. It's been a wonderful General Council meeting (the one that only happens every three years). Today the commissioners elected a lay person named Mardi Tindall to lead the church for the next three years in the highest office of the church - Moderator. I love that a woman, and a woman is NOT ordained, has been elected by the people to lead the people. It's just so.....Canadian.

    And yes, looking at some of those numbers at the top of your post, all I could do was shake my head. It might get cold up here, but at least we don't lose everything we have because we're struck with an illness.

  2. Just wanted to give a "WOOT" for United Methodists. My dad's a United Methodist pastor (now on full-time disability from fibromyalgia) and I stayed with the denomination and even converted my Southern Baptist husband (*evil laugh*). :)

    Hope your stomach gets better!

  3. My cancer treatment 5 years ago was about $60,000 without counting the surgery, which was another $25,000. I guess I am on my way to becoming the 6 million dollar woman!

    WOOT for the UMC and the UCC!!! I have many Methodist relatives. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! And WOOT for Mardi Tindall!