Monday, August 3, 2009

Brain Mold

My Brain Needs a Good Scrubbing

Another lost day today. My brain feels bruised and beat up, like a basketball that is starting to go flat. No work for me today. Too much medication to drive, too much head pain to think! I've got a breakout of hives that is in addition to my regular two year long hive attack. My face is puffy and itchy. Sigh...... My boss was wonderful when I called in too sick to come to work. I am so disappointed that The Headache is still calling the shots!

Tommorrow will be better. To reinforce that thought I think I will go into Zig Ziglar mode - How are you doing? Better and Better!!! I think I am heading towards my three or four good days of the week. Not sure what to do if my losing streak keeps going.

I guess I better get some Scrubbing Bubbles to remove the brain mold that has crept into my head these last few days!!! I may need a scouring pad as the mold is probably deep rooted by this time.

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