Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lost Day Due To Doxepin

Sleep Away The Hives?

Tried to take doxepin last night to assist with removing The Hives. It thinned down The Hives a little bit on my face, but I took one 25mg capsule, followed by another a few hours later (within the allowed dosage range on the prescription). I finally went to sleep at about 2 AM (when I took the second dose) but have been asleep most of the day, finally waking up completely at 7 PM. I think the sedation side effect of doxepin may be too much for me! I want to be awake enough to attempt to work next week.

I go back to Kansas City to see the immunology/allergy specialists on Tuesday. I have been taking first Xyzal, then Xyzal and Singulair, and lastly doxepin, Xyzal and Singulair, plus the vistaril and/or benedryl I take for The Headache and I still have hives. They are less pronounced, and have retreated from part of my back, but they are still there. I was hoping the doxepin would be the miracle drug that would cure everything, The Hives, The Headache, and The Belly. No miracles today, just long long long naps with very weird dreams. I may just have to learn to live with The Hives, just like The Headache and The Belly.

The occipital stimulator had been running mostly on "simmer" settings for the last couple of days, and I had a very active day yesterday without getting much worse. I had to push the settings up to "rapid boil" this evening, and hope for headache eradication to follow.

I took my megadose of Vitamin D yesterday, and have added more calcium to my daily vitamin intake. Won't have to take another megadose until next Saturday. The vet had no suggestions for my Augie Allergy except to bathe him more often. I don't dare bathe my old cat Wilson, I think it would kill her! She is 19 going on 20 years old, which is around 86 for humans. A geriatric cat for sure!

James at Headache and Migraine News, had a link to a self scoring MIDAS test (for disability due to headache). While my score was lower than it was 4 months ago, it still shows significant disability. I hope that in a couple of months I can retake this and be lower yet again. I am afraid I will have to be tons better for me to return to Pre Headache levels.

Too many things wrong with me at once - wish I had thought to buy the extended warranty package because my body got all worn out at the same time!!

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