Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mission Accomplished [Almost!]

Second Good Day in a Row!

I think I may be on my way to setting a new record post Headache. I have now had my second good day in a row. I did finally have to medicate last night, but no medication at all today for The Headache or The Hives. Unfortunately The Hives had decided to increase since I have not been whacking away at them with medication but The Headache has behaved admirably! The sun room is looking much better too.

I was told it takes 8 weeks to really heal from the operation to implant the occipital stimulator. I am going into my eighth week this week. Could I have a working copy and it is helping? Could I be so lucky?? Or is it just the Windex effect, as I have gone through two bottles of original formula, plus a can of Pledge.

I was able to wash all 16 windows inside and outside. I got the floor and clutter 2/3 complete, with only the third by my desk and shelving needing final straightening up and cleaning. I would have gotten that done, but I had to make a three hour trip to Wally-World to get groceries, dog food, and material to make new valances.

My white lacy valances are now white and ecru striped valances - the dust was just too ingrained to get it out. I washed them several times but its hopeless, so I am going to sew some new valances. My sister said they didn't look that dirty and I replied "everything around them was so grimy you didn't notice!" Instead of white, I am going to make some striped valances with floral accents. The accent fabrics are because Wally-World didn't stock enough material in anything to make 16 valances so I will have to stretch the length with different fabrics. I would have preferred to buy already made valances, but alas it was much less expensive to sew them myself.

On the scale of dirty, the room was really just on the dingy side, not up to really grubby yet. It just had not had a deep cleaning for a couple of years - you know where the furniture all gets moved, and the tops of the door frames get scrubbed, and all the niknaks get washed, not just dusted. I think all the dirt moved off the sunroom and onto me. Eyeck! I will work on the living room after I get through with the sunroom. The sunroom is looking sunny again with clean shiny windows and a freshly scrubbed floor. Now to get my little corner done before next weekend. And to sew the new valances. Hoping I get more great days this week to finish up!

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