Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dream Baby That The Headache is Gone

Channeling Roy Orbison

Got my eyes dilated for a "slit lamp" eye exam and the sunglasses I got to drive home reminded me of Roy Orbison. I am taking plaquenil for the autoimmune hives, and I'm diabetic (although just barely diabetic) so it was a good idea. Had a great exam, got a prescription for eye glasses, but the doctor said I could continue wearing my +1.50 dimestore reading glasses, as that was what the prescription was. I told him at the rate I lose glasses, the prescription option was not a very good idea - easier to replace at a few dollars a pair.

Sunday was not a good day, but I was able to round up The Headache and put it out to pasture. Spent Sunday night head down in the toilet "selling Buicks" as my late father would say, but I slept two hours, got my act together and headed to work Monday. Slept all Monday evening and Monday night, more rested today. Having a shadow headache this evening and some periods of severe pain. Sigh.

I have had a great week at work so far, getting a lot of projects completed and off my desk, and even a little bug stomping (program fixes) here and there. Not only do I love my job and who I work for, but our customers are great as well, and I love talking to them. They are quick to respond to questions, and even trouble shoot their problems before they get to me. Yeah customers!!! I think they missed me while I was working so few hours a week. I have started an exercise program, trying to walk a brisk mile each day at work.

I'm going to Dream, Baby, that The Headache has thrown its fit for the next couple of weeks, and tonight is just an aftershock. Dreaming its done-dee, buh bye, done for, pushing up daisies, sending email to gophers, fried to a crisp. Using all my positive imagery tricks!!

I have the big reunion for my Mom's family this weekend. I think there are going to be over a hundred there now. They are quite the musical bunch and several are bringing their guitars, drums, and whatever else they have. I have a video camera, and will dust it off and take some video. I will have to watch out, because male pattern baldness dominates this family so the light boucing off heads may play heck with the camera. My own brothers and one nephew will be some of the bright shiny bouncers!

I will return to Cleveland on September 17th. After that I should get my complete programming and not have to do the electronic headache diary anymore. Yeah! I am having trouble getting it to transmit - I suspect the modem that uses the phone lines is getting a little wonky. I think the sponsors had such good results they are wanting to get finished and publish quickly, hoping for approval by insurance companies.

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