Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vitamin D Deficient

Allergy Testing Results

Got a big packet in the mail yesterday. It was from the allergy/immunologists I saw last month, and included my test results and a prescription for Vitamin D. Apparently I am moderately deficient in vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. It is a food born vitamin that is absorbed by the gut and potentiated by sunlight, and since pelvic radiation treatment has left me with some permanent absorbtion problems I shouldn't be surprised but I was. I am a great milk drinker, have it every morning, but it must not be enough. I'm to also increase my calcium supplementation. More pills....sigh. According to a medscape article there might be a link between Vitamin D deficiency and migraine, but its hard to tell because they are both very common...

From my tests it seems I am allergic to DOGS and CATS and HORSES and not any pollens or dust mites. I don't have any horses, although I have lots of Amish drive by's that may have kicked that off, but I love my dogs and cats. I have had dogs and cats my entire life. I don't have any sinus allergy symptoms at all. Not sure what to do about it but rip up the carpets and put down hardwood floors. Can't get rid of my little people pets. Going to take my pup Augie to the Vet this morning for his toenail trimming and see if the Vet has any ideas. I run Hepa filters and ozone generators in the house because my mother has allergies, so not sure what else but vacuum vacuum vacuum will do any good.

I also seemed to test positive for Autoimmune Urticaria, which is hives caused by autoimmune problems. I show some antithyroid antibodies, anti IGE and anti IgE receptor FcεR1 antibodies. I figured I would have the antithyroid problem as my thyroid quit functioning properly in my late twenties. According to the International Chronic Urticaria Society website this may be why all the antihistimines I take don't fix the problem. I go back to the specialists next week to see what the next step will be. I am not a candidate for immunosuppresant therapy because of my cancer history. Maybe I will just be itchy and bumpy for the rest of my days.

The Headache is halfway behaving itself the last two days. It acted up yesterday afternoon and evening, but calmed itself back down when I increased the settings on the occipital stimulator. Could it be helping? Hard to tell.


  1. Wow - I must've had more Headache than I thought this morning. Have found many typos and spelling problems hopefully all fixed. If you find any more let me know - the brain checks out when The Headache checks in! Sometimes (I am sure you can tell) I don't even make sense - perhaps all the time??? :)

  2. Does the medscape article mention how much Vitamin D Migraineurs should take, or how much is too much? I've been on 4000 units for at few months and I'm not seeing any difference.

  3. Jasmine, No it didn't mention. A vitamin site recommended what you generally see in packaged calcium/vitamin D combos 1200 mg calcium, 400 vitamin D.

    I am on prescription 50,000 units B3 one time a week for 6 weeks, then they say to take 1200 mg calcium and 1000 mg D3 daily from OTC vitamins... But remember I am a post menopausal female who does not take any hormones so recommendations might be different for younger gals and/or men.

    I found reference to it also on this website,
    This site warns about taking too much as it is fat soluble like vitamin A so you can build up too much and have toxic reactions. I don't know how much is too much!?? They recommend getting a Vitamin D level taken to find out where you are on the spectrum of deficiency.

    I had a whole bunch of tests for allergy and I guess this is one they test for when you have chronic hives. Who knew???

    I looked up the anti-thyroid antibodies, and apparently they are suspected to contribute to a few pain syndromes also. Just my luck! Sorta explains the arthritis pain I had in my 20's before my thyroid started dying off.