Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Freedom From Headache Pain? Almost!

If Only I Had a Second Ford

I'm on a roll, third day in a row at almost full functionality. The occipital stimulator or its placebo effect must be working! I'm up late tonight. Took some medication earlier, but the old wakeup call of the headache got me up, but the pain is sorta there but not there. Doesn't make sense but that's how it feels.

The weirdest thing is that while the pain is not getting out of hand, some of the other symptoms I noticed when the pain was increasing (feeling cold, and having my brain consumed by The Headache brain cloud and speaking in odd disjointed sentences as the brain cells that are being squeezed like a lemon try to spit out words) are still happening. Getting rid of the pain is plenty, but it would be fantastic if the rest of The Headache disturbance would disappear too!

The problem I am having gaining freedom from this headache must be because I don't live in a two Ford household like this lady in this old ad I found while wandering about the web.

I can't get out of the house, not because I am fighting a demon headache, but because I don't own two Fords! Not having the extra Ford makes me a virtual prisoner in my own home! It's a dilemma - if only health insurance would pay for the second Ford so I could be cured. Now that's a solution that works for both healthcare reform and the auto industry bailout at the same time! I guess I should find a husband too while I'm at it - gotta have someone driving the other Ford! Times surely have changed since I was born in 1959.

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