Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Storm

Blizzard Conditions

Having a bit of snow today.  I live in southwest Missouri.  Our major weather problems are tornados and ice storms.  We really don't know what to do with snow.  People who live or grew up in more nothern areas (as I did) can find it hard to understand that everything here comes to standstill with TWO inces of snow, so when we have 18 inches of snow in one day it is major league chaos.

I did not try to go to work.  Have had some issues with the internet today and phones (I am on a DSL) going down and back up, so I didn't even try to work via the internet.  Everything seemed closed today including the interstate I use to drive to work.  Apparently Oklahoma closed the interstate going westward, then the traffic started backing up into blizzard territory in Missouri, so the Highway Patrol closed the westward bound I-44 lanes from Springfield Missouri to the Oklahoma line.  Since that would have been my homeward route I am super glad I did not try to go to work.

I have a personal way of know when to not drive around here.  Three cars or trucks off the road and I pull off and wait or turn around and go back home.  That many vehicles off the road mean that people are driving in conditions they are not prepared or experienced in driving in, and I don't want to be on the road with them either. My understanding is that there were trucks and cars sliding off everywhere.  Sigh.

A nice neighbor cleaned our road and my driveway after dark this evening but I am pretty sure it will be drifted right back by morning.  Of course it should be melted in a day or two but those will be a miserable couple of days.  My outside dog is in her insulated dog house and we have her heater going full blast.  The cat asked to go outside and we saw him sneaking inside the dog house too!  I guess Bingo will have a full house!  I wish she would come inside or go in the garage but she won't stay in a building with the doors shut.  Her house should be very warm and kitty cat will make it even warmer!!!

My dachshund is very sad about the snow as his legs are not very long and he can only navigate where we have scooped the snow away.  He definitely does not like snow or cold or ice.

I am now on a lower dose of neurontin.  I was supposed to get the prescription Monday but I came home from my PCP to wait on the perscription and fell asleep sitting up in a chair.  I woke up around 6 PM - I had somehow during the day wandered over to the couch and knocked out there.  Don't remember anything other than sitting down in the chair.  Guess I'm still not over the flu.  Didn't get the prescription today because of the blizzard. 

I am taking 300 mg of neurontin now because that is what I have on hand, but the script is for 400 mg so maybe that will help the pain a little more. The 300 mg dose is not doing much.  My PCP said I will have to balance my tolerance for side effects against pain relief.  I said I really wanted to double the neurontin, but the diarrhea is just not workable as I am getting dehydrated.  So less neurontin, more pain, less diarrhea, less dehydration.

Going to bed soon, The Legs are not happy at all.  Not sure if I will be able to sleep.  To tell you the hard truth, some nights I simply lay curled up in a ball and cry when the pain gets too bad, especially the pelvic pain.  Why pain gets worse at night I don't know.  I suspect it is because there is less to distract me.  I will have to practice my deceptive distracting ninja skills in order to perfect this as a pain relief strategy.  If only I had a grappling hook, because my nephew in Florida told me that if he had a grappling hook he could become a ninja.  I think I could too, at least a ninja of distraction, or at least grappling WITH distraction!!


  1. We've caught just the outside of the blizzard up here. I'm not complaining (although we're used to the snow.)
    I think you're exactly right about night and being distracted from the pain. It has still been my worst time, even post surgery. I also think about all the problems of my world then which doesn't aid with sleep which becomes a cycle. Last week I got my redemption in the form of Serequel XL. With the addition of that I sleep for 9-10 hours every night. That's a slight improvement from my 1-2 hours! Before Serequel I spent many nights on my air mattress struggling with pain or distracting myself until exhaustion. I hope the Neurontin change helps your pain.

  2. Snow and ice sure can make things pretty miserable - especially in places where it is unusual or infrequent. I hope tomorrow is better :)

  3. DEJ: I tried the non-XL version of seroquel and at the lowest dose it really helped me sleep, however I ended up 45 miles away at work with no memory of how I got there. Sadly no more seroquel for me, but I expect the other drivers are glad....

    Steph: Have hook will grapple!

    Migrainista: Stayed home today, lovely neighbor dude cleared my road and driveway again this afternoon late otherwise there was no getting out. I know the people in the north are thinking "what weinies!!" yep we are!!!

  4. I have the same problem at night! A pain doc I asked about it said for most people it's a combination of lack of distraction when we're trying to go to sleep and pain naturally increasing throughout the day the same way fevers do. I've decided that understanding the process doesn't make it any easier to cope with. :-P

    Good neighbors are awesome, aren't they? I'm glad you have some! Keep warm, and keep safe, and be as well as you can be!

    (I think the PNW is the only part of the country that hasn't been slammed with snow!)

  5. Aviva: Hadn't thought about the pain increase during the day (when of course I am more active AND more distracted). You are right, not any easier now that I know! I must practice my ninja distraction skills MORE!

    I'm glad there is one region (except Hawaii)that is not snow covered except on mountain peaks!