Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 5 Duragesic

A Wonderful Day

Had a great day today.  The pain has been in the background, but I have been able to function much better today than I have in months and months.

I was able to cook lunch, go to the pharmacy, shop for groceries, put up the groceries, cook supper.  This doesn't seem like much to most people but to do all those things in succession without having to rest for hours is something I have not been able to do for a long time.  I am not even too physically tired tonight.

I wonder how much uncontrolled pain has cost me in energy and functionality over the last few years.  I had to get to the almost non-functional point to realize that I needed to treat this seriously.  I am almost floating with happiness at being able to function almost at a normal level.  WooHoo!!

Hoping you all have a great day, and pain stays away in whatever form it manifests itself in.  I am more than a little tired and the neurontin makes me really loopy for a while after taking it since I have been using the duragesic patch, so I hope this post makes sense and my spelling is not too bad.

Things are looking up a little for my family members who were having health issues so I very much appreciate the thoughts and prayers. Someone somewhere must have heard! Many hard days and nights left for them but any improvement in very ill persons is great!!! Hope you all have a beautiful morning tomorrow!


  1. Things are looking up! I couldn't be happier for you!!! It's about time :)

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get so much done today. I just hope you didn't overdo it which is so easy to do when you start feeling better. My prayers are still with you and your family members; that things can continue to look up. Take care!

  3. DEJ: I'm so glad I have a primary care doctor that treats pain, and is extremely patient - it has taken a year and a half to weed out what doesn't work. sigh.

    MP: Very tired today but in a good way! thanks so much for the prayers they are so much needed.

  4. It is wonderful to see posts like these. Not too often. But, hopefully that will be changing. Blessings to you dear Winny.

  5. JBR: I definitely feel blessed that this medication is available. Hoping your migraine has diminished today JBR.