Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 6 Duragesic

The Patch

I have a picture of the duragesic patch. It is tiny. I have some tegaderm patches I am putting over it to help hold it on, as the first one wanted to pop off (I think because it is so small). I tried also securing the tegaderm ends with some paper tape that is supposed to be hypoallergenic but I had to take it off as I started breaking out everywhere it touched.

It is amazing that this little bitty drug delivery system is helping me so much. It doesn't appear that it could hold enough medication to make a difference. Another benefit for me is this drug bypasses my defective digestive system entirely. I can't throw it up, or have it pass on through without digesting.

I have slept the night through the last couple of nights. I haven't been able to just lay down and sleep since I don't know when. Hoping I can get caught up on my sleep deprivation reservoir and be able to have some stamina again.

The Headache just seems to be ignoring the duragesic medication. It is still marching on with it's worse every three or four days pattern BUT the medication is not making it more severe than it generally is. WooHoo!

The Belly seems to like the pain relief very much. My shortness of breath has stopped, as has my rapid heartbeat. My blood pressure has dropped, not back to it's normal 110/70 but at least out of the stratosphere where strokes happen. My hives are a little better because I am not constantly aggravating them with pain medication they didn't like. The itchiness is there but is much less than it was with dilaudid. So far, the duragesic patch has been a winner.

I still have significant pain (probably why my blood pressure is still not normal) but I have stopped the kind of hurt I could not fight against. I did not have the willpower or strength left to push myself time and time again into the lavapit of pain that physical activity has become.

I am hoping that this relief will continue, and maybe this year I can actually put out flowers and a garden and maybe go swimming a few times. Last year I had dropped even these few pleasurable activities I had left because of pain issues. I hope I can increase hours at work, and dare I say it, travel again?? I had to give up going to church several years ago, and before that I had to give up the nursing home ministry I participated in. I would love to get some of that passion back in my daily life also.

A grey Missouri winter day, not too cold, and not too warm. A good day for trying to do some house work...I hope I will be able to sweep and mop the floors and dust the furniture. Not too much to ask of my body.

Hope you all have a great Sunday and a fantastic next week!


  1. Oh my gosh that is a tiny little thing. I guess since it is supply drugs, a bigger one may have more meds in it than what you have now? I have no clue? That is me just mouthing off, thinking I know what I am talking about.

    Main thing, I am glad that it is working for you
    Winny! Amen!!

    Enjoy your cleaning..... do not over do it.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to plan for a future again? A real life! I love it!!!
    I hope each day gets a little bit better and that the Head falls in line too (although we unfortunately both know how to live a life even when it doesn't.)
    I can see you in that garden this summer. 2011 will be great. And if you decide to take a trip in the future you might even know a travel agent...(even if you don't want to see

  3. JBR: I'm guessing right along with you!! I suppose they get bigger with more meds. Sad when I get excited about mopping the floor!!

    DEJ: Travel agent sounds like a marvelous job - someone told me they have special cruises etc for travel agents so they can sample everything to sell it to their clients. Win Win!! And you sorta make your own hours...

    The Headache is just its usual self with this med so I'm happy with that - I can handle it in regular mode. I've been looking at seed catalogs (as people in northern climates do) thinking of my garden today. I don't want to get too enthusiastic becuase I'm not very lucky!!

  4. Yes, the more medicine, the bigger the patch. Also I have found that different manufacturers make some that stick better than others. Make sure the site is dry and I use a hair dryer some times to help it stick, esp, when I am very cold. Don't apply right after a shower, wait a while. Also don't put in where your skin will crease. I use the tops of my arms mostly, switching every 3 days to the other arm.
    I hope that it continues to help you. I am so glad that you are feeling better!!!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  5. WN PP -- I know exactly what you mean about mopping the floors! It seems crazy to most people, but to have something that NEEDS to be done & I'm not physical able to do it....frustrating.

    I am SO SO glad it's helping. I wonder if a higher dose would take some more of your pain away? Or if that would be too much.

    I know sometimes you tell people that there's been a big improvement & they think you're all better. But when you say 'significant pain' I know what that means. I hope that can go away, too. :)

  6. Debbie Jean: Thanks so much for the tips, I will try and pay attention when/where I apply the tiny thing. I may try the blow dryer one because I am always cold.

    I imagine since they get bigger w/bigger doses the higher doses might stick a little better cause there is more surface area??

    Emily: I think I will stick at this dose for awhile just so I can get used to it. I am sure that I would benefit from a higher dose painwise but I am not sure how I would be able to function otherwise!

    It's the little things you used to do without thinking that are the most frustrating for me, cleaning, cooking, grocery buying....I did have to slack off some of my activities yesterday. sigh.