Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bronchitis Breath

Feeling A Little Better

I am on day two of antibiotics and inhalers for bronchitis.  I still am having quite a bit of difficulty breathing and am extremely short of breath, but it is better than Monday.  I did not go into work today, spent most of my time just resting.  I get out of breath just walking across the room. It hurts to breathe but that could be The Belly in addition to bronchitis.

It snowed again today, but Saturday it is supposed to be up in the 50's so hoping everything will melt off permanently then.  We just don't have this much snow here as a rule.  The cold is making the bronchial spasms go crazy when I go outside.

The Legs hurt really bad today because I tried not to take pain medication again.  I finally gave up and took a tiny amount of dilaudid again tonight.  It did take the edge off the pain.  The hives started breaking out worse within fifteen minutes of taking the dilaudid.  I am afraid I am becoming sensitized to this, and because it is one of the few major pain killers they use for acute pancreatitis I fear getting that level of pain without being able to take it.  I don't know if there is anything left to prescribe that I can take. 

The Headache is not happy today either.  I fear that the pain medication is making it worse.  It is so frustrating because I treat one symptom and two more pop up. 

My friend called me that is on the respirator/trach. I was so surpised she could call.  She has another infection so is on antibiotics again but she had her speaking tube in and had a much stronger voice.  Bless her heart, she called me because she was concerned about my health, since she knew I had been sick and was not going to visit her until I knew I was over whatever I had.  Her abdominal wound is almost closed and she has been sitting up and standing with assistance.  The extensive decubitus on her backside was surgically debrided and is finally starting to heal.  She is feeling stronger but still cannot move her legs by herself or roll over in bed without assistance.  I was so happy to hear her voice!!

Tomorrow I will have a blog post to contribute to the "Love Beats Hate" blogging event.  Check out all the posts from bloggers all across the world.

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