Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2 Duragesic

I'm So Dizzy

Did not go to work today - tried driving but my coordination was not good.  I did not feel right driving 45 miles when I was having a hard time driving just down the road.  Then I slept for several hours, waking up with The Headache hurting quite a bit this evening.

I am quite nauseous.  I am not vomitting which is a plus, but wondering if it is the duragesic building up in my system.  I tried taking phenergan and a couple of tylenol and changing the programs on my occipital stimulator to help with the nausea and The Headache.  The Legs and the pelvic pain is a little better under control which is a plus, but kinda hard this evening to think about eating anything.  Glad the pills are staying down!

The shortness of breath is gone, so I guess my PCP was correct - it was from the systemic issues that come from being in severe pain.  Just not sure how I am ever going to be able to balance The Headache against pain relief for nerve pain and stomach pain.  Wishing life was just a tad bit less complicated.

I will try again tomorrow to get around and get myself to work.  Hoping this calms down tonight, the nausea is a little better since taking the phenergan but The Headache is not cooperating.  I'm ready for this merrygoround to stop and I can get on with my life.


  1. Hello Winny. I have been on the fentanyl patch for about 5 yrs. I am on 35mcg. At one point I was on 100mcg when I was working and I was loupy for sure. I am not sure it helps a lot but don't want to come off to see, as my pain is so bad now. My rhematologist got my special labs back and dx'd me yesterday with RA.
    The treatment for that is steroids and a diabetic as I am type 1, can't take them. He has me on a high dosage anti-inflamatory to see if that helps.
    I hope the patch helps you. Its better than taking meds by mouth. It does make me sleepy.
    Good Luck my twin...LOL

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  2. Perfect video.....

    Hoping you will be able to drive to work today dear one. Blessings.

  3. Debbie Jean: Bummer on the RA. :( Well, a not so good explanation for the weird labs. Hoping against hope the anti-inflammatories do the job for you! Not quite so dizzy today - thinking my body is just still adjusting - glad to know that you can go DOWN in dosage if it creeps up. Take care my twinky twin friend!

    JBR: Love my Alfred Hitchcock movies!!! Working on getting able to work right now. Hoping you have a great day JBR!