Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bad Headache Day No. 2 2011

My Pain Gauge is Getting Full

This is typical for me.  The pelvic and leg pain has been horrid.  I had been avoiding straight narcotic pain killers because of the complications from using them - notably the nausea and worsening of The Headache.  My blood pressure was going way too high because of the pain.  I thought "Stupid you, use the medication you were given" and started using narcotic pain killers regularly, but in teeny tiny doses.  I hoped to avoid the unpleasant consequences by taking much smaller amounts.  I thought I had succeeded until today.

The Headache has come roaring back today.  I have switched up my stimulator programs a few times and will try one more time before bed.  I am getting ready to pack The Headache in ice for awhile and see what happens.  It is almost a month to the day since my last bad headache day.

I am at an eight (utterly horrible) on my personal pain scale and working my way to excruciatingly unbearable, but hope to avoid the unimaginable unspeakable level.  It has been getting worse all day.  I am full of antinausea medication but still am nauseated.  I have had no pain meds today because I don't want The Headache to wake up completely and pain meds just annoy it. The leg pain is utterly awful. Hot needles are piercing the soles of my feet and in the joints of my feet.

My eyeballs hurt, my head hurts, my teeth hurt, my face hurts.   I am able to concentrate in little bits but I can't sit still very well as the hurting makes me want to move.  This is a major way that The Headache differs from my old migraines.  With a migraine I just wanted to go into a dark room and not move.  With The Headache as the pain increases I want to pace, move - do something!  If I don't get it stopped I will soon be at the head banging praying to God for it to quit stage.  The worst part of The Headache is that the praying to God for it to quit stage lasts for hours and hours and hours and hours.

Off to iceland to fill up my ice pack.  If that doesn't work I will try heat.  Hoping to avoid an emergency room.  Have tried to spell gauge about 15 different ways, a sure way to know the noggin is not in good shape!


  1. So sorry you're not feeling well! I hope the pain fades quickly. :)

    Sorry I've been so absent.

  2. Emily: Hope you are doing OK!

    The Headache is better today, but no work for me since I couldn't wake up from the medication. sigh.

  3. I dread The Headache too. It seems like pacing myself and avoiding fibro flares helps keep it away. Be as well as possible.

  4. Selena: The Headache is a thing to fear. I am lucky (if anyone can call someone as defective as me lucky) that I have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have family members that suffer with that and I don't know how you deal with it. Take care!!!