Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 3 Duragesic

Double Vision

I think the pain control has stabilized with the duragesic patch, and I no longer navigate by lurching throughout the house. Today the problem has been double vision. Increase your screen magnification to the max and wear two peir of glasses to sorta see kind of double vision.

The nausea is off and on not very good, but the overall pain levels have gone from an eight to a six, which is huge for me. My PCP wants it down to a four but I don't think I want to try stronger patches just yet. I am thinking that I may be able to increase the neurontin again since the duragesic is slowing my digestion down a bit. I may give it a try this weekend.

I was super emotional yesterday, and almost chipper part of the day today. Rollercoaster emotions from this stuff - not used to mood swings like this. I didn't try to get to work. I spent a good part of the day sleeping again, but the nerve pain woke me up this evening so I am waiting for it to calm down again before I try to go back to sleep.  The Belly is hurting too but hoping maybe everything will calm down at once. Sigh.

I'm ready to wake up tomorrow as close to normal as I can get. Tomorrow will be better! WooHoo!


  1. Amen. Agreeing with you that today will be better for you Winny! Blessings to you dear one.

  2. JBR: Vision improved so already much better! thanks!

  3. Wow, all kinds of good news. Hope your tomorrow is great!

  4. Hoping so too Migrainista. Headache was worse yesterday but OK today, so that was just The Headache on its normal ouchy track. WooHoo! I have passed the three day w/o ticking off The Headache test!!!