Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 1 Duragesic

So far so good

Started my day with no pain meds in my system. I kept my specialist appointment (actually saw their PA [endocrinology])and the meds were in at the pharmacy when I got there after the appointment.  The pain was godawfully horrid by then so I was glad to get the patches and relieved they are cheap.

The patches are tiny - about an inch long by a half inch wide. I also bought some tape/tegaderm to hold in it place since you wear it for three days. I took phenergan before putting the patch on my shoulder. I was glad I did because I got a chemical taste in my mouth and some dizzy feeling nausea. As the day went on I noticed these side effects less and less. No vomiting no hives so I am pleased.

The pain relief is not as good as a full dose of the dilaudid but I don't have the side effects either. It seems to take enough of the edge off so I can function. The pain has been so overwhelming that I have had great difficulty getting dressed or moving. The Headache seems to be tolerating it so far, and The Belly has calmed down a bit. Hoping this is the med that does the trick in stomping out the nerve pain.

A secret fear I have is one shared by anyone who has had cancer: what if this is cancer related pain? It seems so awful and unremitting that I find it hard to believe that there is not some dreadful disease process ongoing. I guess I will find out more answers when I see Dr. House in April.

Hoping that tomorrow the patch works as well as it did today. I feel confident I will be able to drive into work. Yeah!!!


  1. Well, dear one I am praying for you. Looks like one day at a time for you with the patches. Praying that today as you said will be as good as yesterday. Those side effects BE GONE! Blessings to you dear Winny.

  2. Thank you JBR! I am praying right along with you! Good luck at LAST!

  3. I hope the patches do their thing today and tomorrow and the next day and the next...

  4. Pain is doing about the same, I guess I was overconfident about driving. Per family member's observations, apparently I am having trouble ambulating and overcorrecting my movements. They requested I not drive today after I did a test drive around the yard. sigh. Better today than yesterday tho!