Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 4 Duragesic


I have started on my second duragesic patch.  I think I am finally becoming physically accustomed to this.  Not sure why my eyesight is so problematic but I think it must be related to my very very high blood pressure going down. Most of the day I have suffered from a lack of depth perception.  I tried twice to drive, once to the gas station about three miles from home, and it was not a great success.  I decided to not put everyone elses' lives in danger by me driving on autopilot 45 miles to work.  I think the curbs are thanking me, as I ran up on a couple at the gas station.

I did drive over to my sister's house this evening and we had a pleasant meal and watched a show on television with her and my brother in law.  This has been a harrowing week in many ways for our family healthwise and since some of the problems are not mine to share just please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  We all enjoyed an evening where for a few moments we could relax and forget all our problems.

My mother has not been weathering all the stress (not related to me and my multiple issues - these are old hat for us!) well.  I was glad to get her out of the house (and yes we took all our house doggies with us to play with my sister's puppy Gracie) to just wind down, have some tea, and chit chat.

With me out of commission much of this week, it seemed like the timing for other problems just stank.  I guess there is no good time for bad news but if I was feeling well and mobile I guess I would have felt like I was more capable of helping.  My mind has just been floating along most of the week.  I think I have been typing some things I am not sure even make sense.  Uh Oh, I just realized you might not be able to tell the difference between that and my regular writing!! Sigh.

I do think the duragesic patches are going to be a keeper.  I'll let my PCP know Monday as he was concerned because of my uncontrolled pain.  It seems to be semi almost (but not quite) controlled now - plus today The Headache went back to sleep instead of getting worse yet again.  WooHoo!


  1. I'm glad you are finding some level of relief from the patches. Every little bit helps.

  2. Migrainista: This is the first pain medication I have "taken" on a daily basis that has NOT made The Headache terribly worse. I have been balancing relieving one terrible pain against waking up another terrible pain for quite awhile. I am so relieved I may have found something that works for The Headache. I know another lady that uses these for an intractable migraine. Hoping you have a great weekend!

    PS I got some phrase highlighted somehow in my drugged typing, and in trying to fix it disappeared it. I guess I should be glad I was not at work last week working on people's computer systems. I probably would have created more problems than I solved!

  3. Yay for the patches! =)

    Boo for stress and more problems! =(

  4. Emily - I hope the side effects go away! The pain relief sounds promising. :)

  5. Jessica: Not sure how life's stressors know that you are getting better and now to POUNCE again but they do. :(

    Emily: the side effects are much better today!