Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't Fence Them In

Amish Iron Curtain Started

My neighbor has begun the building of the Amish fence (at least that is what we are calling it). Not an Amish built fence, but a fence to keep our neighbor's Amish enterprises to a degree of ambition equal to the state of the private lane that leads to their property. Since they drive by here with lanterns on their buggies at all hours of the night, I am glad that my neighbor has left the brand new gate open tonight so there won't be any drastic buggy accidents.

Since my neighbor is a retired truck driver, he has cleverly designed the gate so it will require a trucker to turn his rig on a dime to get into the lane. I'm not sure most truckers can even make the turn without ending up in the drainage ditch on the other side of the farm road. I guess they shouldn't have kept running over his yard. The welder was here with his portable welding rig and the gate seems to be finished.

The gate is painted a low visibility blue which looks great in the daytime but is not too visible at night. I am thinking my neighbor is trying some stealth tactics against the 3 AM drivers across his yard. Again, I am glad he has left the gate open so we don't have a buggy disaster tonight.  I don't know what a buggy crash would sound like but I would think there would be a lot of horse neighing.

For the last several days Amish traffic has been down. None of the Amish drivers or passengers stopped and asked what was going on, although every other neighbor and passerby did. Maybe the Amish are gathering their collective legal fees and planning on filing in court. Not sure if they have a leg to stand on if access is not restricted. Since their horses and cows have escaped several times due to their inability to keep a decent fence on THEIR property I guess trapping their livestock in the lane before they get out into traffic is not too bad. I guess we will find out as the drama unfolds. With my luck I'll get dragged into this, although the fence is on the same property line it has been for 30 years on my side.  I'm sorta feeling fenced in myself.  Sigh.

Took my brother to Walmart for a prescription and The Legs gave out on me. Having a bit of pain tonight. I just can't walk very far any more. The coughing from the flu is pretty bad when I move also so a double whammy of pain and lack of air!  Durn those Walmart pharmacy bargains and the large emptiness of the Walmart Parking Lot. I probably should have used a handicapped spot to park but there had to be people in worse shape than I am. I am pretty sure I saw a few jazzing around in their sleek shiny electronic chairs. 

I was glad though that there was no pukiness today and The Headache is better also.  Glad that episode is over! Now if I can just stop coughing I will be in seventh heaven.

My brother-in-law who had a very bad stroke a couple of years ago has been told he needs to have an operation to open up the carotid artery on his non-stroke side. It has closed an additional 10% in the last three years.  This is a life threatening operation for my BIL since they had difficulty getting his carotid artery sewn back together on the other side a few years ago and may have the same or worse problem with this one.  I am not sure what my BIL and my sister will decide.  They are going to meet with the surgeon and find out what options they have other than surgery.  It may be there are no other options than just wait for the next stroke.  My BIL has a hereditary condition with premature hardening of the arteries which makes these kind of issues more difficult than for the average person.  I worry for them and am praying for guidance to help with this difficult decision.

Meet with my PCP tomorrow, will see if there are any steps (ha ha) for The Legs before seeing Dr. House in April.  Hope you all have a great week - it looks to be cold and maybe stormy here.

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