Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lost Day Saturday

The Headache, The Belly

Another lost day. Friday at work I had to medicate at work. I looked back over my typing later and I don't think I spelled two words in a row correctly! Yikes! Not professional, but we are in the middle of testing some interactive components with another system so my body and mind were needed. I guess my body was there, and some of my mind.

Today I have tried to keep The Headache at bay medicating every four hours. I've slept a lot but The Headache is not behaving. I wish The Belly wasn't such a picky thing, because I feel if I had an 60 mg injection of toradol The Headache would drop back to obscurity. I have changed stimulator settings every so many hours also, hoping that changing things up will help. It has helped some - I'm not at an emergency room yet, and four months ago I definitely would have been.

The Belly is not happy today because I ate a real meal - not much of a meal, but real food. I thought perhaps some of The Headache was coming from not eating for so many days, so I had supper tonight. It's almost one in the morning and The Belly hasn't calmed down yet. I took the maximum pancreatic enzyme pills I was allowed before eating, but it didn't seem to help. Maybe my pancreas is plugged up so any food makes it hurt. I may have to take another trammadol for The Belly pain. It helps it some, but doesn't do anything for The Headache.

I'm ready to get back to normal but I don't think The Headache or The Belly is cooperating. I'm debating whether or not to try to go back on short term disability again. I've not worked full time days hardly at all the last couple of months. The fatigue is almost too much. I can't hardly keep on going I'm so tired, yet the pain is not allowing me to have restful sleep, even when drugged.

My niece who lives in Kansas gotten bitten by a feral cat she was feeding, and is now getting rabies shots. Cat bites are serious, and are always considered a medical emergency. My niece has a soft spot in her heart for all animals, especially abandoned animals, but this time the cat was either sick or scared or just plain mean and definitely bit the hand that fed it. The cat is in quarentine and hopefully will not display signs of rabies and my niece may not need to continue the rabies series, as they are painful.

The family history has a story about the "mad stone" that was passed around and used through the years. The mad stone was actually a bezoar taken from the stomach of a deer. Supposedly this stone could be used to cure rabies. I suppose they just laid it on someone who had rabies?? Don't think I would want to try it myself. Gross.


  1. Man, I am truly sooooorrrry for your continued headaches. Oh my hope your niece recovers quickly. No thank you, I too would not want to try that remedy. ((((hugs))))

  2. Hoping you are having a great Sunday. Today is better for me than yesterday! Thanks for the hugs! Made my day even brighter!

    Makes you appreciate modern medicine, eh? No deer hairballs for me thanks! Could you see the prescription pad.."One deer bezoar, applied to wound daily, generic substitute cat hairball"

    I wish I didn't have my headache too- but I wouldn't give the burden to anyone else, so I guess God picked the right person. sigh...