Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Dreaming of ice skating, skimming on feather thin blades, twisting in the air to alight on tiny tip toe and spinning in the light. Not sure of the meaning of the dream, but part of the imagery was the jagged tips of the skates used to brake and stop. Larger than life, they glimmered in icy silver jackolantern grins of zig zag metal, digging into the soft ice directing my gliding path but failing to halt my frosty dance. Maybe I just need to slow down?? Hard to slow down when you are already just moving at a crawl.

Rainy today and a restful Sunday. Have just slept and sat, doing nothing today. I have not had to medicate The Headache or The Belly today so that bodes well for tomorrow. Going to bed in a few minutes hoping to sleep some more.

Talked with my sister, who has a skunk infestation under her house. If anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of skunks, let me know! We have tried all the tricks we knew of, and my sister is down to either trying to live trap the skunks or kill the skunks. Last winter the lady skunk had wild skunk sex underneath my sister's house and knocked the duct work down and then sprayed because she got scared. Peeyew!! This is the third year this has happened and my sister is pretty sure they are the same skunk family each year. They are nice fat skunks who are used to central heat in the winter!

Ready for a new week. Hoping for a productive week at work and that my electrified head buzzer will keep The Headache at bay.


  1. Has your sister tried moth balls? I would imagine you would have to use a lot because you don't want the skunk to be able to smell itself or it's family.

    I hope you have a pain free week ahead!

  2. Yep - hundreds of moth balls her house smelled like skunks and moth balls, we also tried diapers soaked in household ammonia, AND renuzit air freshners, coyote urine crystals and something else gross like rotten egg stink. She thought maybe she could bug bomb them out?? What do ya think??

  3. Sounds like your sisters house is just too cozy for the skunks...I think it might be time for a professional.

  4. That's what I told her - but she can't get one to trap skunks out in the hills where we live. apparently skunk capture is not high on anyone's list of things to do - imagine that!

    She hates to have them killed as they are very pretty and fairly tame skunks, just the smell can be awful. I told her to get ahold of county health, it can't be healthy to have these under your house!!

    I found some bobcat pee on the internet - maybe that's more potent than the coyote crystals?? As expensive as the stuff is, I may get myself a bobcat and sell the byproduct but I imagine collection could be a hazardous process!!!

  5. I say we call Mike from Dirty Jobs!

    Yeah I dont think the Bobcat would approve much of the collection process..I can just see kitty kitty...