Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog

Found a Compounding Pharmacy

My boss used to be a compounding pharmacist, so I had an inside track on who in the area did compounding. If you have never heard of this, a compound pharmacy can make up a drug combination especially to order like a physician specifically requests. Drugs you hear about often on talk shows and the internet are bio-identical hormones. These are generally specially compounded for each individual per the physician's prescription. Not all pharmacies provide this service. In rural areas like where I live probably none of the pharmacies are compouding pharmacies.

The pharmacy I went to today first checked to make sure that the script I had could be compounded into a transdermal skin cream or gel. Then they had to check to see if they could get the drugs in a formula that would be compatible with the dosage needed. Then they had to check to see if the drugs were available, in stock, or orderable. THEN they had to check to see what they would charge.

It will cost me $75.00 for one month's worth (the pharmacist thought one month's supply might last me two or more months). The pharmacy will not bill my insurance for me for compounded drugs, which sorta tells me that insurance companies generally don't pay for compounded drugs. I will have to pay up front, and then do a "member file" for reimbursement from my insurance company. They did have to order one of the drugs, and they think they will have it ready for me Monday or Tuesday. I'm anxious to see if this method of bypassing The Belly will make a difference or not.

Tomorrow the bosses have paid for all employees to go to a big motivational seminar - an all day thing. It's very sweet that they want all of to go and "Get Motivated!" - maybe I can get all motivated and fired up and full of energy! I used to be that way all the time. I feel like a boulder in a mountain stream, worn down by the rushing water until I'm a pebble, tumbling along with the current. And that water is reeeeeeaaaallly COLD!


  1. I pretty much assumed there was no way my insurance would pay for compounded prescriptions, but it turns out they do. Hopefully yours will at least pay something, too. I hope it helps!

  2. Thanks Diana Lee - I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best!!!

    Hope your head pain is at least holding steady if not decreasing!!!