Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yabba Dabba Doo!

I have Fred Flinstone Feet

I feel some better today with a day of antibiotics under my belt, even if the urologist insists I don't have an infection. My feet however are swelling and getting worse. I have lost my ankles today, and now have feet like Fred Flintstone - a fat leg going down to a foot with no ankle!

The CT scan done in the ER the other day shows some swelling of my kidneys. If I don't have an infection, did I pass another kidney stone?? The tests show me slightly anemic with an elevated white blood cell count with protein, blood, and white blood cells in the urine. Not sure what that indicates - looks like an infection to me but I guess I'm not a urologist. I ran a fever last night and this morning, and the urologist's nurse said I should get with my PCP (which I already had done). I'm thinking that this specialist is one that I can just write off. He is more interested in doing costly procedures than actually following me for real issues. His nurse said he considers blood in the urine normal. Well, its not normal for me! I guess if the ankles keep getting bigger I may have to see somebody again.

Still pretty nauseated, am going to medicate again and go to bed pretty soon. I've had some rice and canned chicken for supper, and it did not sit well with me. However my lipase levels were close to the upper range of normal from the ER labs, so that is a good thing. The pain is better today, again probably from the antibiotics I am taking for a non-existent infection.

The Headache is not cooperating tonight. It may be the cause of the nausea rather than The Belly??

At the ER the other night I met a lady who was patiently waiting to be seen to receive a shot of NuBain. Every time I am tempted to start feeling sorry for myself, God seems to give me a reality check by reminding me in someway there are persons with worse problems.

This lady had had migraines since the age of 3. She took almost daily injections of DHE to control her migraines, and she also had a healed head injury, a destructive rheumatic condition, and intercranial pressure that could not be drained. She said she had just moved to town from a little town about 30 miles from where I live, and appreciated being able to go to an emergency room, even when they made the headache patients wait and wait and wait.

I told her that in general protocol at this ER, headaches rank lower than trauma or flu or heart attacks and strokes because they are pretty sure you aren't going to keel over and die. She said she was having to go to the ER every so many days for the NuBain. The headache clinic in town isn't open in the evenings or weekends, and they wouldn't prescribe a rescue medication for her other than the DHE.

We both decided that ER's should have a migraine waiting room - dark and quiet, away from crying babies and TV's blaring and people talking and odors. I'm not sure why they don't - every time I am at an ER there is someone there with a migraine. The hours it takes to be seen seem like an eternity in that environment. They are building a new emergency section at the hospital, maybe I will make a case to the administrators and medical directors to see if they could do this. I think there needs to be a migraine waiting room in every ER.

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