Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another Doctor Visit

Tired of Waiting and Waiting Rooms

Have another doctor visit tomorrow. This time to see the urologist. Had a voice mail message at home from my PCP, so no telling what that is. I'm trying to get all my health problems resolved because at work we are heading into a system implementation with a three month schedule which includes a two month training and go-live marathon. I haven't been able to work a full week yet, since everytime I turn around something else hits me healthwise, so I'm worried about my stamina. Can't have that interfering with an implementation, the client depends on our help too much at this stage.

I did manage to whip up a Gantt chart so I could visualize what needs to take place and when. Most of the dates are tentative but a few are set in stone. I worked for a while as a project manager and so I'm particular about how I need to see multi-deadline/multi-tiered schedules with dependencies.

Truth be told, if I had someone to take my place at work, the way I'm feeling now I would resign and let them take over. The people I work for are marvelous, and I hate not being able to give 110% to my job. I'm so tired right now I don't feel like I can drag one foot in front of the other, let alone be perky and alert in a training environment. I generally get a surge of adrenal on game day, so am hoping it kicks in. The clients are super nice and very quick learners, but I feel like I'm dragging a barge over a sandbar just to move and I don't want to short change the clients on their training. I also need to revamp my training materials, which requires a little brain power - maybe I can crank up the amps on the stimulator and get it buzzing.

My PCP said that the fatigue is probably from the pancreatitis. It sure can be an energy zapper, plus the starvation rations don't help. I am losing weight, hope I just don't put it right back on when I am feeling better. Dr. Gnomes office called me today because they needed a release of information form filled out before the hospital would release my records. I saw one problem with their release request - they did not specify what type of records they wanted to see - they wanted everything for the last 10 months. Because so much screwy medical stuff happens to me, that may be several hundred pages of records. Hope they have a fast fax machine with lots of paper!

The nausea the last couple of nights has had me up all night throwing up. It plays heck with my blood sugar levels (they tend to drop when this happens) plus my throat gets raw. Not sure if its the anitibiotic or the pancreas or the kidney infection or The Headache or just The Belly wanting attention. I think that is why I'm so whiney tonight. Or maybe it's the lousy weather today - my yard is flooded, my road is flooded, my septic tank is probably flooded, I'll be lucky if there isn't water under the house by the time it quits raining. Maybe I'll row to work tomorrow instead of drive! Thank heavens I live in the sinkhole ridden Ozarks - the water doesn't stay too long.

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