Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bitter Stomach or Stomach Bitters??

The Belly...Yada Yada Yada

Spent most of my Sunday sleeping. I am extremely tired. The experiment with eating more protein and fat is still hurting The Belly. I haven't done anything today. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Except sleep, if that counts.

The Belly is mighty displeased with me. It just wants to turn itself inside out tonight. Hoping it resolves soon. Boy, I am jonesing for something really good to eat, but The Belly is having a fit because I ate oatmeal this morning and some rice this afternoon. Generally I can get by with pure carbohydrates but The Belly has said No, nothing today - not even liquids.

The Headache is worse and I've had the stimulator as high as I can stand it all day. I may have to turn it down considerably in a while, because it actually can make you feel over-stimulated and sore if you keep it too high too long. Phenergan and vistaryl may be the answer soon if I only can keep them down! Ready for the transdermal dose right now, but as usual my timing stinks. I will have to be patient for the compound to be completed.

I'm just a big ball of whineybutt this evening. Life could be much worse, and heaven knows I could lose a few pounds. Bland food never killed anyone. Pain builds character. Endurance can be practiced. Patience is a virtue. Yada Yada Yada...


  1. HUGS! I hope your feeling better. And no....pain does not build HURTS.

  2. You're right about pain -my struggle is I come from a farm background and from my upbringing basically if parts of you aren't missing and bleeding all over the place you aren't hurt!!! :)

    My pain overfloweth from my headeth to my bellyeth and now I am ouchyeth....and my brain is sillyeth!!

    Thanks for the affirmation that my pain counts too!!! Hoping you are having a good day with your boys!