Monday, October 12, 2009

I Eat Therefore I Hurt

Pancreatic Pandemonium

The Belly has ruled my day today, but did get some things done! Spot mopped the floors today and cooked a complete meal the first time in a couple of weeks. I have just been getting by with cooking just what I absolutely had to because #1)I am extremely tired - probably from the pancreatitis and #2)I get nauseous cooking - probably from the pancreatitis. But today I thought my Mom (who can't cook much anymore) deserved a real meal.

I made a nice Sunday dinner of roast, noodles, cole slaw, and home canned green beans. The roast was still frozen when I started but I used my electric pressure cooker and it was perfect. Pressure cookers infuse meat all the way through with the flavors that you put in with the meat (in this case onion, carrot, and celery). I did flavor the green beans with some very lean deli ham instead of the standard bacon I generally use. This kept the fat content low enough that I could eat some. Can you tell I'm starting to obsess about food?? Auuuugh!

I doubled the pancreatic enzymes I take with meals and it helped for quite awhile but this evening The Belly is complaining quite a bit. The Headache has behaved itself, but perhaps that is because I have been sitting quietly the rest of the day/night since cleaning up the dishes and the kitchen and giving my dachshund Augie a bath. Sometimes just sitting still is the best way to make The Headache behave when the stimulator doesn't quite keep up! I may have to take a pain pill for The Belly - am up way too late because it gets worse when I lay down. The medication Dr. Bellyfixer put me on is starting to work, so I'm going to start increasing my liquid intake again and hope for the best.

Thinking of dachshunds, Ness at Dachshund Strong is asking if possible, send a box full of signed holiday cards to Operation Christmas Card. This project has a goal of at least one card for every one of our deployed service people that may not have anyone to remember them during the holidays. A personal note of thanks or holiday sentiment is suggested. Ness has a son in the military, and in these times that is something both to be proud of and worried about. I'm going to set up this at work for my noon times when I can't eat anyway, and maybe get some of my coworkers involved.

IMPORTANT: The signed cards must be received by November 20th in order to reach the soldiers by the holidays. I am going to see if I can find some Hannukah and Seasons Greetings type cards in addition to Christmas Cards, and designate it someway on the envelope. The address to send these to is:

Amanda Sullivan
Attn: Operation Christmas Cards
PO Box 102
Shrewsbury MA 01545

Please read Ness's blog to get the complete scoop!

The weekend is over, ready for the week to begin - travel to Kansas City to see my headache specialist Tuesday, possibly travel for work Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday off to see Dr. Gnome about the pancreas. I'm gonna have to come up with a nickname for my headache specialist - I'll think about it before my trip to KC. Already dreading the travel...sigh...

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