Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thank Heaven for Good Friends

An Adventure Without The Headache

A good friend called today that I have not seen for over a year. I have not had much good news to share, and since I knew that she had her own health issues, her daughter and grandchildren to worry about in addition to taking care of her aging parents I didn't want to make her worry more. She said she would come over and visit this afternoon.

The house was in disarray because I had not cleaned the floors or scrubbed the bathrooms since I had gone into the hospital last week. Luckily I had a good day today, so I scurried around cleaning and polishing before she came over. I was just folding some laundry as the last part of the quick cleanup when she knocked on the door. I almost felt like my old self again this morning as I scrubbed and mopped at lightning speed (well, not really lightning speed but pretty fast!).

My friend suggested we do something just for fun and thought maybe we could go to the local casino, run by the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma. Even though it is not very far away I had never been there. She said it was very nice and if The Headache interfered we would just head back home.

Casinos are like headache trigger headquarters, with flashing lights, bells and whistles sounding, and loud noises and lots and lots of tobacco smoke. Not an evironment I normally find myself in, but I thought - what the heck, I'm having a good day - why not?? We went, and while I didn't spend much money (I'm too cheap to be a good gambler) I had a good time watching my friend gamble. She had a blast, and I had fun too. She played some electronic game where the Fonz from Happy Days kept saying something to you, very amusing.

It's been over two years since I just did something for no reason except to enjoy myself. The Headache behaved itself, and since I refrained from eating today (thank you Ensure Extra Protein!) The Belly was OK too. After four hours I was ready to go home and we headed back. I did notice that although The Headache pain did not increase, at about three hours into the expedition my body temperature started to drop until I was just standing around shivering. For some reason this part of The Headache seems to continue even though the pain is not there - very weird. Suspect that it is the hypothalamus involvement.

I'm home feeling good and ready for another day tomorrow. Hope to work a full day, and then be ready for a trip to St. Louis Tuesday. Crossing my fingers, my toes and my eyes hoping I haven't pushed my luck too far today. Thanking my friend for prompting me to go and just be silly. I feel almost normal tonight.

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