Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hole in One

Brain Leakage

Haven't been able to sleep, The Belly hurts, then The Headache, then my neuropathy, then The Belly, ad infinitum. Very tired, have taken two different medication cocktails, waiting for four AM when I can take some meds again.

Wishing I could just open my skull and give my brain a big THUMP or perhaps a noogie. My thinking is kinda slow today as if my brains are just oozing slowly out of my skull, although I went to work and was productive. I only worked a few hours, getting ready for another client visit travel session next week. My ankles are full of fluid so not sure if the antibiotic I am taking is very effective for my illness.

Hoping that The Belly and The Headache behave themselves next week, as it is a multi night stay. The Headache is just misbehaving with the stabbing lightening swift pain but The Belly is in full burning spasmodic pain mode. Maybe I will just have applesauce to eat next week!

I'm so disappointed that my endurance is so low. I wanted to have the occipital stimulator fully functional before the install, and it seems to be, however I am so tired I'm like the walking dead. I can't tell if the fatigue is from lack of sleep, bad kidney infection, or The Belly. Maybe the week after next I will get some good news from the EUS. I really could use some good news!!


  1. Dear one I am so very sorry for your constant physical pain. The migraine I get once a month does not compare to what you are going through. I pray that you will be relieved from this pain.

    Blessings and safe hugs

  2. Thank you for the prayers. I need all I can get! I guess for all my problems, someone else is being blessed with good health - at least I hope so!!!