Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Headache Revisited

I Wish I Had X-Ray Headache Tablets

Now I know why no headache remedy has worked - they didn't contain radioactive elements! Found a picture of this sign on a website where they were documenting the trend at the turn of the last century to label everything atomic or radioactive as if that was a GOOD thing.

My sister worked for an old radiologist who swore he could cure colds and warts and everything else with radiation. Maybe you can, but I'm not sure about the side effects - having had some very large doses of radiation myself it is very strange. After a dose of radiation to an area I didn't feel pain - in fact pain was better - but I felt like I had cement blocks tied to my legs. The really High Dose Rate brachytherapy I had made me super emotional and depressed for three days - very strange - not my personality at all. After the doctors figured out what was happening they apologized saying they had not meant to irradiate my entire body - just a quarter inch into the skin, and changed the radiation source and the time for the third treatment, which did not give me the terrible emotional swings. So who knew that hyperemotionality and depression can be signs of too much radiation?? I think its called a hematopoietic reaction.

Going into work in a little bit, but my head is already saying don't go!

Good news again, the headache study coordinator called today to try to encourage me (I think she could tell yesterday that I am ready for this to be OVER). She had a lady who is almost through her second 6 months of the protocol just in, and the occipital stimulator has reduced her daily headache to 3 headache days a month, that weren't very painful. I hope it does that for me.

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