Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Bunny Day Tomorrow

Today is Lovely!

Beautiful and sunny today, but since I am having what for me is a good day I am spending it buying groceries, doing errands and cleaning house (sort of). I am having some guests tomorrow and hope to at least clean a few surfaces in main areas! I even had the energy to play with my dog Augie for awhile outside.

Thursday and Friday this week were awful for me, but perhaps it was the large storm system passing through? I don't know, as Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday were bad for me also. I guess I'm back to the old up and down cycle of BAD headache vs. TERRIBLE headache. Today is merely just barely bad. Yesterday was terrible, but I am sure tomorrow will be better!

I hope everyone has a pleasant day tomorrow. If I wasn't having company I would go to a sunrise service for Easter, but I am not taking any chances of aggravating The Headache. In my home town, one church had a beautiful stained glass window that they lighted from the outside (mimicking sunrise) during the sunrise services. Worth getting up early just to see the lovely glass.

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