Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ensure High Protein

Trying a Liquid Diet

The Belly is truly giving me fits this weekend. I will try to stop eating anything, and supplement with high protein Ensure. Unfortunately all Ensure drinks (and other comparible brands) are high in fat so this is not an ideal solution. The only flavor I can get down my gullet is vanilla.

I ate a bowl of Cream of Rice this morning and that upset The Belly, and this evening I had about a tablespoon of boiled potato and a tablespoon of steamed cauliflower and THAT upset The Belly. These are generally things I could eat a couple of years ago when I had my first pancreatitis attack. Will see tomorrow how the Ensure works.

The Headache was trying to grab all my neurons tonight because there is another storm coming in. I'm hoping The Belly meds will help keep The Headache at bay if only because these keep me feeling sleepy.

I am afraid if The Belly keeps this up I will end up in the hospital next week, which I do not want to do. Broken parts that can't be replaced are a bummer.

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