Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a Date In Cleveland

May 6th is the Day!

Have an appointment for the trial implant for May 6th early in the morning. I should be OK to head home that afternoon. I have to have someone with me, so I will see if my older brother can go. Since it is fairly late notice, I won't be able to get a cheap flight so we may have to drive it. I'm dreading the drive already! I am going to check St. Louis flights tomorrow to see if we can get a cheap flight from there instead.

Had my poor old pancreas imaged today a sort of surprise from my GI doc. What a way to spend an afternoon! I'm pretty sure my pancreatitis is from medication not physical blockage so I don't think the MRI will show much. They really wanted to inject gadolinium contrast but I refused because I had an anaphylactic reaction the last time I had it injected. It uses mast cells to create contrast and that's the problem I have - my mast cells really don't like to be messed with! I found an MRI of someone's enlarged pancreas, hope mine is better than this one!


  1. I'll be thinking of you as the date approaches. Only a few days now!