Thursday, April 16, 2009

WooHoo (Second try!)

Bluebirds of Happiness in my Heart

Spoke with my study coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic and setup an interview time next Monday at 10:00 am Eastern time, 9 am my time. She said that the study sponsors have said I qualify for the trial (as I suspected a couple of weeks ago - see WooHoo number one) and the interview next week is a formality. I guess she has to write something about the headache diary and the interview questions?? Not sure. Just guessing that there has to be a "before" state and an "after" state in order for the study to have something to compare.

Went to urgent care again today and got some stronger pain killers for The Belly. My lipase levels have'nt fallen any since Tuesday, and The Belly is really kicking a fit at night. I'm not sure if I will take these but is comforting to know I have them on hand. The doctor said I could take more phenergan than I am to help with the nausea. Pancreatitis beware! I also bought some Ensure to drink - the fat in the Ensure hurts The Belly but I can generally keep it down when other substances fail. I will make an appointment for Monday for my regular doc - he is not there on Fridays. My GI doc is in the hospital himself for an illness. I am praying for a complete recovery for him - he is a very nice person and a brilliant doctor - don't see that combination together very often.

The Headache has tried to jump up a level or two on me today, but I guess I am taking enough medication The Headache can't sneak up on me.

My niece who has Greensleeve Gifts on sent me the cutest purse today with a bluebird of happiness on it. Made my spirits lift for sure. Only happy thoughts can be thunked by someone with a bluebird of happiness on her purse!

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