Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bad Headache #24 2009

Broken Head

Most of the day is gone and my head is achey still. I have managed not to go to the ER today (which makes me a $150 copay richer!) but am wondering now if I should have. Bad day - wonder if it's related to the weather? A storm blew in last night about 2 AM, and the cold wind has been blowing all day. A misty rain was falling and it almost felt like sleet. Very unseasonal for this part of the country.

I am proud that I managed to stop The Headache at the "Oh God" stage this morning, but the same measures are not helping this evening. The Belly is not cooperating either and refuses to keep food down. I now have a railroad spike of pain running from the back of my head into my left eye, with another spiking in from my left temple. I think my head is just broken. And all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put it together again!

It's cold enough today that I have not seen the usual parade of our Amish neighbors going to meeting. Perhaps they ran by in their buggies while I was zonked with medication. They are nice quiet neighbors, but I fear for their safety on our road - sometimes I hear their horses and buggies going by in the wee hours of the morning, and even with lanterns their buggies just aren't that visible.

I think The Headache is going back to the same pattern it had last fall. I believe the Solu-Medrol the ER gave me back in March has worn off and The Headache is up to its old tricks. I hope that the study coordinator in Cleveland finds out that I don't have to go on April 15th. That is a lot of energy for me to use just to hand over a palm pilot. I could just Fed Ex it if they need it physically back.

I spoke with a friend of mine today and it helped me put The Headache in perspective. She has conjestive heart failure and takes insulin six times a day for diabetes and about 30 medications. At least The Headache is not life threatening, just life limiting.

The headache diary continues to be difficult to transmit. Some nights it takes 3 to 4 tries. I am thinking of making a little sound chamber out of a shoe box to hold the telephone handset and the palm pilot, since it could be ambient sound effecting the transmittal - no way to tell. Maybe I will make it tonight as a distraction.

I had cancelled my appointment in Kansas City at KU Med Center with my headache specialist in April since I didn't think I had enough energy to go to KC and go to Cleveland in one month. The rescheduled date is in July and they were sweet enough to mail me a few more months subscription for the indomethacin! Hoping to have an implant by then, but as slow as its going now I have my doubts. I am just not a lucky person.

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