Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Luv Southwest Airlines

Always on Time Always Dependable Always Inexpensive

Booked a flight to Cleveland for my brother and I on May 5th and back to St. Louis on May 6th so I can get my occipital stimulator trial installed. Cheapest flight within the time frames required I could find was Southwest again.

I have flown several different airlines because I travel for work. Some are more luxurious or have more frills, but for me Southwest is always dependable, on time, with well maintained equipment and experienced crews, AND I have never been bumped. And I save money at the same time. Yeah!!!!

I wonder if I have to go back the following week for another visit to remove the darn trial stimulator. They didn't mention it this time. I wish I could just have a local doc yank the thing back out. I would mail it back....I promise!

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