Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've Consulted the Magic 8 Ball

MRI Jitters

My doctor had appealed Anthem's decision to not authorize a PET scan, I followed up this week with Anthem since the appeal was mailed to them April 2nd. The appeal is nowhere to be found. I had a denial of an appeal letter sent to me, but it could have been from the peer to peer review. I left voice mail with the appeal department and no-one ever got back with me. I talked to customer service and they didn't know what to do. I spoke with radiology precertification and they couldn't find it. No one at Anthem could tell me what the denial of appeal letter was denying - the peer to peer appeal, or the doctor's appeal. I think the appeal got sucked down into that giant black hole where all unpaid claims go.

I then called my oncologist because my GI doc had already ordered and completed an abdominal MRI because of the pancreatitis. I was hoping I wouldn't have to have any more testing and they could use this instead of a PET scan. They would use it, but I then needed to have a pelvis scan. I had that done yesterday. I had a tremendous headache but I got my brother to go with me to the MRI center so someone could drive.

Got the pelvic MRI done, and now the MRI center has called me asking me to come in first thing Monday (like 6:30 AM) to have some additional studies done by the request of the radiologist. When you have had cancer just having the radiologist need extra studies is anxiety provoking. I am trying to not panic (Serenity Now!) and have consulted the Magic 8 Ball on the internet, and the answer was encouraging.

The Headache is fairly bad today. I delayed taking some medication so I could make sure I could fill in at work for a gal who is off today. I'm paying for that delay this evening. I am sure that hearing from the MRI folks this evening is helping The Headache along. I threw up twice at work and there is nothing worse than puking in a toilet that your co-workers asses have been sitting on. That alone makes me nauseous thinking about it - and I'm full of phenergan!

The Belly is complaining also. It didn't like emptying in the work toilet either!

I am resolving not to obsess about the new studies at the MRI center. What will be will be, and what is already is, and worrying about things that may never happen is counter productive.

In one of the internet groups I belong to someone with the same headache type as I have said a combination of drugs is finally working for her - time release morphine and baclofen and parafon forte. She said her headache specialist thought that the baclofen and parafon forte would change the brain reaction to pain (sorta short circuit it) and it seems to be doing the job. She is young and has had this headache for years and years. I'm so happy she found some combination to help the pain!

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  1. I've heard the same thing about baclofen - that it sort of short circuits the "habit" that the brain has gotten into with the pain cycle. I hope you're feeling better soon.