Friday, April 3, 2009

No WOOHOO for Me

Appointment Cancelled Not Approved Yet

Apparently Cleveland Clinic got its wires crossed. The Ohio Anthem BCBS must have preapproved the stimulator trial. I called this morning and made an appointment to get the stimulator trial installed for next Wednesday, and THEN wah wah wah....the study coordinator called back saying it was not approved by the study and cancelled the appointment.

I'm not sure how they are getting in the insurance company to pay, my understanding is that it is investigational for headaches. Are they using a different diagnosis? Wish I knew! I don't like dicey doctor doings. Of course, I haven't had two specialists agree on my diagnosis since this thing started, so what's one more?

I did ask (AGAIN) if it really was necessary for me to go to Cleveland on April 15th just to hand over my headache diary. After all I am sending it each night and its not like I live very close to Cleveland!

Per the study coordinator (Lilly) the study has not said I am eligible for the implant. They are apparently still debating my overall health. Good Lord, its a wonder we ever get anything past trial stage if this is how clinical trials are performed. I'm OK for the study, I'm maybe not OK for the study, I'm not OK for the study, but then again I am OK for the study. The study sponsors haven't let them know yet. I can already tell that my horoscope probably stinks for today.

I guess this is a study in real-time disappointment (not occipital stimulators). Sigh.

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